Absorption Emoji

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Contemplation, Daydream, Application, Assimilation, Attrition, Absentmindedness, Expenditure, Blotter, Erosion, Ingestion, Consumption, Ablation, Abstraction, Woolgathering, Melancholy, Depletion, Digestion, Walter Mitty, Drain, Entanglement, Muse, Exhaustion, Study, Fantasy, Daydreaming, Implication, Brown study, Inclusion, Waste, Involution, Concentration, Meditation, Obsession, Monomania, Dreaming, Liver, Musing, Preoccupation, Osmosis, Embarrassment, Finishing, Relation, Reverie, Seepage, Sponge, Sponging, Squandering, Immersion, Percolation, Bile, Engagement, Trance, Involvement, Deep thought, Daydreamer, Mooning, Dream.

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