Air Force One Emoji Storyline

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Air Force One Emoji Storyline is a translation of Air Force One plot summary using forty-four emoji from the latest Unicode Version.

EmojiStorylineRelated Words
? A
? thriller Curtain Call, Demonstrate
? about Resumption, Resurrection
⚖️ steadfast Evaluating, Stability
? US
? President Apollo, Ares
? just Appreciative, Aspect
? told Explanation, Interpretation
? world Earth, Internationally
? he Brother, Errand Boy
? will Appreciative, Aspect
? not Taboo, None
? negotiate Explanation, Interpretation
? with
? terrorists Hunchback, Ignominy
? Now Curtly, Decade
? Russian
? neo-nationalists
✔️ have Permit, Allow
? hijacked
? Air Insalubrity, Kapok
⚔️ Force Sword, Fight
1️⃣ One Number One, One
and Agglutination, Alliance
? President Apollo, Ares
? faced
? with
? nearly Appreciative, Aspect
? impossible Blase, Blather
☑️ decision Disfigure, Disfigured
? give Handshaking, Help
? in Letter, Receive
? terrorist Hunchback, Ignominy
demands Asking A Question, Asking Question
? sacrifice Deceased, Lifeless
? not Taboo, None
? only
? country's
? dignity Apollo, Ares
? but Resumption, Resurrection
? lives Sprouting, Nature
? wife Veil, Wife
and Agglutination, Alliance
? daughter Suckling, Teenager

Air Force One Details

Air Force One movie was released in 1997.

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