⚗️ Alkali Emoji

Alembic emoji Meanings and Synonyms for ⚗️ Alkali Emoji:
Element, Ion, Antacid, Atom, Base, Agent, Cation, Compound, Acidity, Anion, Polymer, Radical, Acid, Reagent, Molecule, Chemical, Chemical element, Biochemical, Neutralizer, Isomer.

⚗️ Alkali Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. ⚗️ Emoji emoji was added to the Unicode in 2005.

⚗️ In order to send the Alkali emoji, you can just copy-paste the emoji symbol on the left.

Symbols related to ⚗️ Alkali Emoji

There are sixty-five emoji in the Unicode related to the ⚗️ Alkali Emoji:

EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
? Protean, Purulent, Raindrop, Rheumy, Runny
? Foresight, Presage, Prognosis, Prophecy, Predicted
? Monocle, Specs, Bifocals, Contact Lens, Eyeglasses
? Inflect, Inquest, Accounting, Analitic, Analyse
? Recondite, Face, Emotion, Nerd, Minded
? Plant, Leaf, Fallen, Maple, Maple
? Hurry, Flee, Run, Ran, Jog
⚖️ Legitimate, Licit, Accommodate, Actionable, Afterglow
☃️ Snowball, Snowball, Snowfall, Statue, Weather
? Cutter, Dentate, Dichotomy, Dissect, Dissection
?️ Level, Level At, On The Level, Slider, Object
?️ Object, Drum, Oil, Crude, Petrol
? Activity, Japan, Celebration, Moon, Ceremony
? Wc, Toilet, Watercloset, Latrine, Loo
? Foal, Gelding, Mare, Plug, Plug Away
? Tv, Typify, Object, Video, Broadcasting
? Target, Strike, Shoot, Hit, Dart
⛓️ Brooch, Caught, Chained, Chock, Curb
? Describing, Sketching, Depicting, Painting, Artistic
?️ Object, Hotel, Bell, Bellhop, Bellhop
?️ Canal, Cradle, Culvert, Curl Up, Cushion
? Belly, Bias, Biddy, Billow, Bladder
? Bamboo, Banner, Bamboo, Banner, Object
? Duplication, Embellishment, Embroidery, Expletive, Fascia
? Slayer, Sniper, Strangler, Trigger Man, Object
⚰️ Coffin, Burying, Funeral, Casket, Bury
?️ Frond, Hatchet, Hatchet Man, Hollow Ware, Impale
☄️ Devastation, Exterminate, Devastating, Apocalypse, Armageddon
? Soot, Amphora, Ash, Cinder, Clinker
? Japan, Game, Flower, Card, Playing
? Buddhism, Buddhism, Object, Prayer, Hinduism
? Sledge Hammer, Sledgehammer, Stutter, Object, Tool
?️ Sound, Music, Microphone, Mic, Studio
? Marvelous, Mirth, Pastime, Phenomenal, Prodigious
? Centralize, Certainty, Clansman, Clear-Cut, Click
?️ Countermeasure, Counterstroke, Custodial, Custodies, Custody
? Photo, Photogenic, Photograph, Photographies, Photography
? Telling, Fortune, Object, Star, Telling
? Bathtub, Bathing, Bath, Object, Travel
? Object, Flower, Blossom, Object, Flower
?️ Finger Painting, Homing Pigeon, Illustration, Image, Imaged
? Basin, Bathed, Bidet, Crawl, Diagnose
?️ Paper, Newspaper, Rolled, Rolled, Object
? Apparent, Apparition, Appear, Appeared, Appearing
⚗️ Ferment, Isomer, Polymer, Reagent, Acid
? Christmas, Christmas Tree, Christmastree, Xmas Tree, Xmastree
?️ Military, Honor, Object, Celebration, Medal
? Communication, Phone, Bar, Mobile, Signal
?️ Entertainment, Ticket, Admission, Admission, Ticket
?️ Service, Set Up, Shape Up, Simplify, Tool
? Search, Magnifying, Glass, Object, Search
? Streamer, Object, Activity, Celebration, Flag
? Booked, Bookmark, Bookmark Tab, Cairn, Landmark
?️ Spinneret, Cobweb, Cobweb, Spinneret, Web
?️ Pier, Pinch Bar, Plank, Planking, Plywood
⚙️ Aeromechanics, Assembly, Assimilate, Back Burner, Behaviorism
?️ Tarantula, Arthropod, Spidery, Centipede, Maggot
? Sexuality, Extreme, Hysterical, Wisp, Fissile
? Humidor, Nub, Nubbin, Smoking, Soccer
? Sleep, Slept, Hostel, Sleep, Sleeping
?️ Partaking, Participate, Plebiscite, Proportional Representation, Referendum
? Air, Anemometer, Aerate, Aria, Boast
? Arrow, Communication, Phone, Smartphone, Mobile
?️ Divan, Couch, Lounge, Barroom, Crouch
? Cell, Off, Incommunicado, Disassociation, Disconnect

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