American Pie 2 Emoji Storyline

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American Pie 2 Emoji Storyline is a translation of American Pie 2 plot summary using seventy-four emoji from the latest Unicode Version.

EmojiStorylineRelated Words
β†ͺ️ After Right, After
πŸ”‘ their
πŸ₯‡ first Silver, Honor
πŸ“… year Age, Day
πŸ›οΈ college Esoterica, Exterior
πŸ‘¨ guys Guy, Him
βž• reunite Adjuvant, Admixture
➑️ for Forwarding, Further
βž• another Adjuvant, Admixture
πŸ‘€ summer
πŸ˜† fun Chuckled, Convivial
πŸ‘€ Jim
➑️ continues Forwarding, Further
πŸ“œ quest Curlicue, Cursive
➑️ for Forwarding, Further
πŸ’• sexual Romancer, Romantic
πŸ—½ independence Liberty, Iconize
πŸ” seeking Seeking, Sought
🀝 help Helper, Helpmate
πŸ‘΄ old Olderman, Oldermen
🎦 prom Reveal, Scene
πŸ“… date Age, Day
πŸ‘€ Michele
β†ͺ️ after Right, After
🎲 unexpected Disarrangement, Dominant
πŸ“ž call Consecration, Drafting
⬅️ from Due, Due
πŸ‘€ Nadia
🎯 plans Define, Defined
🚢 visit Footpath, Pedestrian
πŸ‘€ Jim
πŸ“› Meanwhile
πŸ“› Kev
βž• and Adjuvant, Admixture
πŸ‘€ Vicky
πŸ” find Seeking, Sought
πŸ”‘ themselves
πŸ“₯ in Box, Letter
😬 awkward Sneeringly, Awkwardly
🏠 situation Discount Store, District
β†ͺ️ after Right, After
πŸ”‘ having
πŸ’” broken Broken-Hearted, Brokenup
⬆️ up Upper, Lift
➑️ for Forwarding, Further
πŸ“… year Age, Day
πŸ“› Oz
🎯 must Define, Defined
🀝 deal Helper, Helpmate
πŸ”‘ with
↔️ long For The Most Part, Forthright
🏟️ distance Container, Coop
πŸ”— relationship In A Rut, In Cahoots
πŸ•’ when Incentive, Indwelling
πŸ‘€ Heather
πŸ—£οΈ heads Vocalisation, Voice
πŸ“΄ off Disconnect, Disconnected
πŸ‡«πŸ‡· France France, French
πŸŽ“ study Teach, Teaches
πŸ—ΊοΈ abroad In The Cards, Located
πŸ‘΄ Old Olderman, Oldermen
βš”οΈ feuds Grapple With, Gumption
☠️ die Portent, Purely
😠 hard Burn Up, Call Forth
πŸ”‘ ever-so-horny
πŸ“› Stifler
🌊 harbors Oceanic, Aquatic
😑 hatred Fiercer, Fiercest
🦁 toward Belief, Biggety
πŸ“› Finch
🎭 practicing Object, Place
πŸ“› Hindu
🎭 practice Object, Place
πŸ“› Tantra

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American Pie 2 movie was released in 2001.

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