American Sniper Emoji Storyline

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American Sniper Emoji Storyline is a translation of American Sniper plot summary using sixty-six emoji from the latest Unicode Version.

EmojiStorylineRelated Words
? The
? Texan
? Chris
? Kyle
? been
? skilled Baton, Billet
? shooter
↩️ since Benighted, Blank
? he Boy, Lad
? kid Daughter, Deb
? When Immediate, A La Mode
? he Boy, Lad
? adult
? he Boy, Lad
? decides In Re, In Relation To
? join Serial, Join
✔️ SEAL Authorisation, Confirmation
?⬅️ become Elusion, Equivocation
? sniper Murderer, Muscle Man
? Meanwhile
? he Boy, Lad
? meets Catenary, Comradeship
?️ gorgeous Beamed, Blessed
? Taya
? in Mail, Box
? bar Food, Restaurant
and Agglutination, Alliance
? soon Soon, Soon
? they
? get Dealing, Help
? married Activity, Romance
and Agglutination, Alliance
✔️ have Authorisation, Confirmation
? children Daughter, Deb
? He Boy, Lad
✈️ travels Astronautics, Blimp
? four
? times Immediate, A La Mode
?? Iraq Iraq, Flag
and Agglutination, Alliance
➡️ along Live On, Live Through
?️ tours Passenger, Submarine
? he Boy, Lad
?️ protects Securedly, Defensive
?? American Flag, Country
? soldiers Marcher, Master Of Ceremonies
? with
? precise Accuracy, Accurate
? shoots Murderer, Muscle Man
and Agglutination, Alliance
?⬅️ becomes Elusion, Equivocation
? legend Idiosyncratic, Idol
? However Counterfeiting, Ditto
? each Accuracy, Accurate
? time Immediate, A La Mode
? that
? he Boy, Lad
↩️ returns Benighted, Blank
? home Squatting, Stead
? he Boy, Lad
⚠️ problems Troubling, Undependable
? readjust
? family Throng, Group
and Agglutination, Alliance
? social Penchant, Propensity
? life Live, Lively

American Sniper Details

American Sniper movie was released in 2014.

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