Arrogant Emoji

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Boastful, Bold, Severe, Pompous, Artificial, Assured, Audacious, Arbitrary, Conceited, Authoritative, Cocky, Daring, Bloated, Affected, Unfaltering, Aristocratic, Obtrusive, Disregardful, Brazen, Bumptious, Absolute, Cavalier, Cocksure, Familiar, Cold, Lordly, Condescending, Brash, Contumelious, Autocratic, Convinced, Supercilious, Pontifical, Monocratic, Defiant, Big, Disdainful, Forward, Egotistical, Cheeky, Determined, Feudal, Imperative, Grinding, Clannish, Puffy, Confident, Imperial, Imperious, Important, Insolent, Insulting, Contemptuous, High and mighty, Authoritarian, Magisterial, Cliquish.

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