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Object, Activity, Entertainment, Paint, Artist, Art, Palette, Color, Illustrating, Illustrative, Portraying, Illustrate, Describing, Sketching, Depicting, Painting, Artistic, Colorful, Describe, Drawing, Portray, Depict, Colour, Drawn, Oversell, Dye, Adorn, Adorned, Adroit, Aesthetic, Apocryphal, Artificial, Banneret, Beautify, Bedaub, Bedeck, Bedizen, Befrilled, Begild, Besmear, Biased, Bicolored, Bogus, Bravura, Bunting, Calcimine, Chaste, Chauvinistic, Colored.

? Artist Palette Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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?️ Paintbrush Office, Communication, Paint, Artist, Paintbrush
?️ Framed Picture Frame, Illustration, Masterpiece, Picturing, Portrait
?‍? Man Artist Human, Face, Job, Man, Painter
?‍? Woman Artist Job, Woman, Painter, Illustrator, Art
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☄️ Comet Devastation, Exterminate, Devastating, Apocalypse, Armageddon
? Cinema Film, Camera, Cinema, Theater, Demonstrating
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? 1st Place Medal Bronze, Place, Activity, Medal, Silver
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Fountain Fountain, Gushing, Gushes, Gush, Object
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? Toilet Loo, Object, Travel, Wc, Toilet
? Musical Keyboard Grand piano, Grandpiano, Activity, Sound, Music
? Shower Irrigation, Irrigating, Showering, Irrigate, Watering

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