Attentive Emoji

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Awake, Aware, Slender, Polite, Agile, Agog, Agreeable, Advertent, Correct, Alive, Conscious, Demanding, Attenuate, Accurate, Watchful, Affable, Narrow, Exacting, Ceremonious, Circumspect, Accommodating, Civil, Conscientious, Fair, Considerate, Listening, Courteous, Careful, Curious, All ears, Deferential, Tenuous, Precise, Minute, Diligent, Assiduous, Exact, Finicky, Exigent, Complaisant, Earnest, Fine, Heedful, Fussy, Concentrated, Ready, Courtly, Helpful, Honorific, Intense, Interested, Keen, Critical, Graceful, Alert, Loving, Concentrating.

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