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Bounce, Bounce back, Blast, Blaze, Blow out, Bang, Defense, Blowout, Counterrevolution, Fire, Boomerang, Balefire, Beacon, Shoot, Fox fire, Campfire, Cannon, Backlash, Carom, Countermeasure, Ignis fatuus, Counterstroke, Repulse, Detonate, Burst, Explode, Blowup, Explosion, Set off, Flame, Boom, Flicker, Ingle, Fulminate, Comeback, Flash, Ignition, Miscarry, Kick, Conflagration, Detonation, Miss, Open fire, Rebound, Rebuff, Recoil, Repercussion, Discharge, Kickback, Blow up, Counterattack, Ricochet, Flare, Spring, Bust, Bound, Go off.

? Backfire Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Backfire Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiRelated words
? Deflagration, Dehydrated, Delimit, Discolor, Discoloration
? Dramatize, Dry Run, Dud, Duologue, Dynamite
? Message, Texting, Telling, Mention, Spoken
? Matador, Murderer, Musket, Musketeer, Nimrod
?️ Lux, Pax, Phylactery, Relic, Ritual
?️ Frisk, Furrow, Grotto, Gyp Joint, Hole
☢️ Isotope, Molecular, Nuclear, Radiation, Radioactive
?️ Anger, Buttress, Canticle, Chant, Chit
? Cast, Casting, Castaway, Castoff, Cast
? Microscopy, Photo, Photogenic, Photograph, Photographies
? Dampish, Dank, Dewy, Drizzly, Droplet
? Comic, Star, Dizzy, Intimate, Stinko
? Romance, Lovely, Amour, Seduce, Seductive
? Minded, Nerd, Pervert, Perverted, Recondite
? Hesitated, Hesitating, Hesitation, Hypothesize, Hypothetical
? Emotion, Heart, Yellow, Yellow, Emotion
? Growing, Wholehearted, Heartfelt, Organ, Change Of Heart
? Lying, Face, Emotion, Lying, Lying
? Swelling, Tetanus, Thrombosis, Scarred, Quinsy
? Arrow, Heart, Cupid, Emotion, Arrow
? Backbreaking, Backfire, Ballyhoo, Bang, Bang Up
? Balloon, Thought, Emotion, Comic, Bubble
? Heart, Ribbon, Valentine, Emotion, Heart
? Comfort, Ambient, Circumferential, Counting, Curtsy
? Splinter, Split Up, Spoilage, Spoliation, Squish
? Doltish, Idiotic, Slacker, Dumber, Dumbly
? Pulp, Recurrent, Remuneration, Repetitive, Requital
? Heart, Purple, Purple, Emotion, Heart
? Practitioner, Shoulder, Steeled, Strength, Strengthen
? Heart, Pulsating, Heartbeat, Beating, Ictus
? Brag, Brandish, Breather, Breezed, Broach
? Narcissism, Omnivorous, Penny Pinching, Piggish, Pinching
? Green, Green, Emotion, Heart, Green
? Secrecy, Secret, Shutup, Cabala, Cabala
? Emotion, Fool, Clown, Jester, Comedy
? Instruct, Reinvent, Innovate, Advicing, Devising
? Moisture, Humidify, Humidity, Spilling, Coughing
? Emotion, Comic, Sleeping, Sleepy, Zzz
❤️ Liver, Lung, Rectum, Sweetbread, Abdomen
? Stench, Stink, Puke, Barfy, Ague
? Love Letter, Love Mail, Love Message, Love Note, Emotion
? Sniffle, Sneezing, Sneezing, Sniffle, Face
❣️ Emotion, Heart, Exclamation, Heavy, Emotion
? Kisses, Kissing, Smooch, Human, Emotion
? Emotion, Heart, Revolving, Hearts-And-Flowers, Hearts-And-Flowers
? Heart, Decoration, Emotion, Heart, Decoration
? Drooling, Mouth Watering, Salivate, Face, Emotion
? Purehearted, Purehearted, Emotion, Heart, Sparkler
? Diamond, Inside, Petite, Inside, Petite
Heart, Game, Card, Suit, Emotion
? Emotion, Heart, Blue, Emotion, Heart
? Face, Emotion, Rodeo, Ranch, Cowboy
? Face, Emotion, Eyes, Roll, Face
? Ho Ho, Kidding, Laugh It Up, Tee Hee, Titter

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