⚽ Ball Emoji

Soccer Ball emoji Meanings and Synonyms of ⚽ Ball Emoji:
Bladder, Blob, Hop, Balloon, Baseball, Basketball, Assignation, Club, Battledore, Checkerboard, Conclave, Big time, Assembly, At home, Gimcrack, Costume party, Bowl, Brawl, Action, Bubble, Caucus, Cover, Clot, Forum, Coffee klatch, Boll, Come together, Bauble, Commission, Housewarming, Gewgaw, Congress, Bead, Copulate, Dance, Council, Bulb, Convocation, Cue, Discus, Date, Bullet, Knot, Cohabit, Doll, Egg, Entertainment, Festivity, Fete, Football, Diet, Bat, Fun, Cannonball, Gathering, Convention, Globule.

Ball Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. ⚽ Emoji emoji was added to the Unicode in 2009.

In order to send the Ball emoji, you can just copy-paste the emoji symbol on the left.

Symbols related to ⚽ Ball Emoji

There are forty-seven emoji in the Unicode related to the ⚽ Ball Emoji:

EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
? Food, Restaurant, Japan, Ball, Rice
? Paper, Confetti, Confetti, Object, Activity
? Snooker, Sport, Ball, Game, Eight
? Ice Hockey, Ice, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Activity
? Predicted, Predictive, Presage, Prognosis, Prognostic
? Pivoting, Reeling, Swinging, Sport, Ball
? Diamond, Inside, Petite, Inside, Petite
Necromantic, Rune, Arcane, Augury, Blink At
? Daylight, Depthless, Dexter, Dexterity, Diaphanous
Square, Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign
Square, Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign
✴️ Star, Symbol, Sign, Star, Symbol
Square, Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign
? Diamond, Orange, Sign, Geometric, Diamond
◼️ Geometric, Square, Quadrate, Sign, Geometric
Contort, Culpable, Dodder, Doggerel, Double Cross
? Diamond, Orange, Sign, Geometric, Diamond
✖️ Envenom, Escapism, Estrange, Estranged, Expel
Clay, Clod, Dense, Geometric, Square
? Geometric, Diamond, Blue, Sign, Geometric
? Circle, Pimply, Scab, Scabby, Pimple
Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric
Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric
☯️ Leniency, Lessening, Level-Headed, Longanimity, Loosening
? Circle, Sign, Geometric, Blue, Circle
❇️ Sparkler, Sparkle, Flare, Pristine, Pure
☑️ Composition, Compromise, Concrete, Conformation, Congruity
Miss The Mark, Missing, Misstatement, Misstep, Muck Up
Ball The Jack, Baloney, Battledore, Bauble, Bead
? Low, Dim, Dim, Sign, Low
✳️ Symbol, Asterisk, Sign, Asterisk, Star
Accepting, Acceptance, Accepting, Faithfully, Habit
☣️ Hazard, Hazardous, Heckled, Hounded, Infection
? Geometric, Button, Radio, Fated, Element
☮️ Free Love, Frith, Irenic, Nonviolent, Pacifistic
? Red, Down, Sign, Geometric, Red
? Button, Sign, Geometric, Square, Button
Elliptical, Pulpy, Smooth, Token, Elliptic
☢️ Uranium, Radioactive, Isotope, Radioactivity, Thermonuclear
? Geometric, Square, Button, Outlined, Sleek
? Diamond, Blue, Sign, Geometric, Diamond
✔️ Allowing, Approval, Agreeing, Confirm, Correct
Sign, Geometric, Square, Granite, Marblelike
⌨️ Sign, Computer, Keyboard, Typewriter, Keypad
Geometric, Circle, Sign, Geometric, Circle
〽️ Part, Alternation, Mark, Chart, Sign
? Cuneiform, Trifurcate, Trilateral, Tripartite, Button Up

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