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Assembly, Associate, Cotton, Concert, Alliance, Ally, Amalgamate, Adhesive tape, Bespeckle, Application, Bend, Body, Assemble, Accumulate, Affiliate, Collect, Brass, Bandage, Bandeau, Philharmonic, Bar, Belt, Bunch, Bespangle, Coalesce, Bevy, Axis, Binder, Articulate, Bloc, Crew, Concord, Collar, Border, Assemblage, Bracket, Cabal, Bridge, Batten, Bracelet, Bundle, Check, Cast, Bed, Conjugate, Bind, Checker, Cinch, Circle, Clique, Cluster, Bind up, Chain, Amass, Coalition, Bedding, Collaborate.

? Band Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Band Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiRelated words
? Graph, Chart, Statistically, Statistical, Statistic
? Purify, Receding, Recession, Reduce, Reduced
? Red, Button, Arrow, Red, Button
? Also Ran, Average Man, Elopement, Endurance, Evacuation
? Restaurant, Dessert, Sweet, Candy, Lolly
? Addressee, Letterboxes, Mailboxes, Postboxes, Addressee
? Bank, Bill, Banknote, Euro, Euro
? Office, Communication, Pencil, Memo, Swipe
? Earnestly, Earnestly, Hundred, Office, Full
? Blue, Literature, Glossal, Album, Album
? Extraction, Exuberance, Fat Of The Land, Felicity, Fief
?️ Hollow Eyed, Junk, Litter, Loess, Misdirection
? Loft, Mesa, Notional, Seated, Tribunal
? Pamphlet, Folder, Pamphlet, Office, File
?️ Pen, Ink, Fountain, Drawing, Office
? Office, Page, Document, Curl, Historical
? Strategic, Office, Notepad, Clipboard, Rapport
? Annals, Autobiography, Biography, Biweekly, Clio
? Chart, Yen, Trend, Upward, Rising
? Computer, Disc, Dvd, Office, Computer
? Leave Of Absence, Planning, Office, Calendar, Planning
?‍? Legislator, Notary, Selectman, Undersecretary, Associate
? Ledger, Office, Notebook, Journal, Ledger
? Place, Japan, Building, Post, Post
? Scanned, Scanning, Shoran, Sonar, Teleran
? Open, Mail, Postbox, Mailbox, Lowered
? Office, Communication, Box, Parcel, Package
? Catalog, Catalog, Marker, Office, Bookmark
? Countersign, Covenant, Psalm, Commandment, Litany
? In The Clear, Indexed, Lineup, List, Rolodex
?️ Copy, Printing, Print, Typography, Xerography
? Office, Book, Notebook, Decorated, Cover
? Mailbox, Flag, Office, Communication, Mail
✂️ Absence, Adulterate, Adulterated, Agio, Aquatint
? Bank, Bill, Banknote, Pound, Pound
? Mail, Closed, Postbox, Mailbox, Lowered
? Creditcard, Debitcard, Plasticcard, Card Carrying, Credit
? Cubicle, Enterprise, Establishment, Firm, Headquarters
?️ Archived, Archiving, Arsenal, Attic, Ave Maria
✉️ Telegram, Tertiary, Wrapper, Office, Email
? Tome, Trade Book, Wager, Write Out, Office
? Telephoto, Triplicate, Wirephoto, Xerox, Carbon Copy
? Place, Building, Post, European, Office
? Receive, Office, Communication, Mail, Box
? Briefcase, Case, Office, Bag, Suitcase
? Pawn, Pay, Pay Out, Reckoning, Spend
? Corner, Deflection, Dogleg, Elbow, Inflection
?‍? Office, Job, Woman, Organization, Cubicle
?️ Computer, Trackball, Trackball, Office, Computer
? Self-Knowledge, Office, Computer, Disc, Minidisc
?️ Crayon, Crayon, Office, Communication, Crayon
? Blotter, Calendar, Casebook, Census, Checklist
?️ Cringle, Effigy, Engram, Exemplar, Finger Painting
?️ Computer, Desktop, Monitoring, Displaying, Screening
?️ Office, Card, Index, Assort, Assort
? Communication, Mail, Letter, Email, Receive
?️ Keynote, Noted, Applique, Tableau, Applique
? Communication, Pager, Pager, Office, Communication
? Save, Office, Computer, Disc, Floppy
? Size Up, Yardstick, Office, Ruler, Yardstick
? Pintle, Spindle, Arbor, Pin, Pinned
? Formalistic, Formulary, Intercessional, Conspectus, Notify
?️ Smudged, Smudging, Smudgy, Anoint, Broom
? Actuary, Computer, Electronics, Figurer, Laptop
? Penalize, Inflationary, Pricey, Bargain, Wholesale

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