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? Bicycle Emoji

? Bicycle Emoji
Bicycle emoji Meanings, symbols, emoticons, texts, and related words for ? Bicycle Emoji:

Travel, Vehicle, Sport, Pedal, Bike, Bicycle, Propel, Chauffeur, Entrain, Iron, Joyride.

? Bicycle Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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? Person Walking Prowling, Saunter, Roaming, Hominid, Pacing
? Person Running Run, Ran, Jog, Human, Person
? Person Biking Human, Travel, Person, Sport, Cyclist
? Person Mountain Biking Bicycle, Bicyclist, Human, Travel, Person
? Automobile Automobile, Travel, Vehicle, Car, Auto
? Kick Scooter Travel, Scooter, Moped, Kick, Travel
? Motor Scooter Engine, Scooter, Motorcycle, Moped, Vespa
? Vertical Traffic Light Traffic, Traffic light, Trafficlight, Travel, Light
? Dashing Away Emotion, Comic, Running, Dash, Whiffing
?️ House Dwelling, Housing, Abode, Place, Family
? No Bicycles Pedal, Bike, Bicycle, Travel, Vehicle
? Person Rowing Boat Vehicle, Boat, Rowboat, Travel
⛑️ Rescue Worker’s Helmet Cross, Helmet, Armouring, Armoring, Armour
? Locomotive Steamtrain, Generating, Motorizing, Motorizee, Generate
? Horse Racing Racing, Jockey, Human, Travel, Person
High Voltage High voltage, Electrically, Invigorating, Influencing, Influencial
? Railway Car Train car, Railcar, Wagon, Travel, Vehicle
⛷️ Skier Person, Sport, Ski, Human, Travel
? High-speed Train Shinkansen, Bullettrain, Travel, Vehicle, Railway
? Snowboarder Snowboarding, Snowboarder, Snowboard, Human, Person
? High-speed Train With Bullet Nose Speed, Shinkansen, Bullettrain, Bullet, Travel
? Person Golfing Golf, Human, Person, Sport, Ball
? Train Travel, Vehicle, Railway, Train, Locomotive
? Metro Train, Subway, Underground, Metro, Underground train
? Bicycle Travel, Vehicle, Sport, Pedal, Bike
? Light Rail Light, Travel, Vehicle, Railway, Train
? Person Surfing Surfing, Surfer, Surfboard, Surf, Human
? Person Swimming Swim, Diver, Swimming, Swam, Swum
? Station Travel, Vehicle, Railway, Train, Station
? Tram Vehicle, Tram, Trolleybus, Travel, Vehicle
? Monorail Travel, Vehicle, Railway, Monorail, Travel
Person Bouncing Ball Sport, Ball, Athlete, Sportsman, Basketball
? Mountain Railway Car, Mountain, Travel, Vehicle, Railway
? Tram Car Tram, Trolleybus, Streetcar, Tram car, Tramcar
? Bus Minibus, School buses, Schoolbuses, School bus, Schoolbus
? Oncoming Bus Oncoming, Minibus, Travel, Vehicle, Bus
? Trolleybus Electricbuses, Electric bus, Travel, Vehicle, Tram
? Minibus Minibuses, Minivan, Van, Travel, Vehicle
? Ambulance Vehicle, Hospital, Ambulance, Travel, Vehicle
? Fire Engine Firefighter, Fireengine, Fire truck, Firetruck, Travel
? Police Car Travel, Vehicle, Car, Police, Military
? Person Lifting Weights Weightlifting, Weightlifter, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Weightwork
Flag in Hole Golf, Flag, Travel, Sport, Hole
? Oncoming Police Car Oncoming, Military, Travel, Vehicle, Car
⛸️ Ice Skate Ice, Skate, Snowshoe, Figure skating, Ice skating
? Taxi Taxi cab, Travel, Vehicle, Taxi, Cab
? Oncoming Taxi Travel, Vehicle, Oncoming, Taxi, Cab
?️ Racing Car Sportive car, Racing car, Super car, Sport car, Racingcar
?️ Motorcycle Motorbike, Human, Travel, Person, Sport
? Oncoming Automobile Travel, Vehicle, Car, Oncoming, Auto
? Delivery Truck Bringing, Shipping, Deliver, Brought, Hauling
? Articulated Lorry Semi, Lorry, Travel, Vehicle, Truck
⛩️ Shinto Shrine Kami, Hachiman, Travel, Place, Torii
? Tractor Truck, Farm, Tractor, Bulldozer, Agriculture
? Trophy Successes, Awarding, Meriting, Succeeds, Winning
? Sports Medal Sport, Medal, Accomplishment, Achievement, Honourable
? Bus Stop Minibus, Stop, Busstop, Bus stop, Travel
? Basketball Ball, Hoop, Basketball, Sport, Ball
? Speedboat Boat, Speedboat, Power boat, Motor boat, Speed boat
? American Football American football, Sport, Ball, Football, American
?️ Passenger Ship Passenger, Ocean liner, Cruise ship, Travel, Vehicle
? Rugby Football Ball, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Sport
?️ Motor Boat Boat, Ship, Motorboat, Travel, Vehicle
? Tennis Tennis, Racquet, Sport, Ball, Tennis
? Ship Ferry ship, Sea liner, Ferryship, Sealiner, Cruise

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