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Beef up, Belie, Flip, Excite, Amplify, Annoy, Apotheosize, Aggrandize, Bomb, Augment, Boast of, Bristle, Backfire, Add to, Hot up, Aggravate, Double, Burst, Blitz, Bloat, Accelerate, Blow, Bluster, Call up, Boil, Discharge, Bombard, Blast, Breeze, Awake, Brew, Gun down, Expand, Distend, Build, Awaken, Burn, Come apart, Bust, Blow over, Bulk, Celebrate, Consolidate, Come to nothing, Blow up, Fan, Brag about, Crescendo, Cut down, Deflate, Detonate, Develop, Brain, Concentrate, Arouse, Discredit, Blueprint.

? Blow up Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Blow up Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiRelated words
? Crackle, Cremate, Cremated, Cremating, Cremation
☢️ Intangible, Integral, Irreducible, Molecular, Subatomic
? Mutter, Natter, Negotiate, Negotiated, Negotiating
?️ Fee Simple, Fortify, Get In Touch With, Gimmick, Go Around
? Photography, Photograph, Photo, Microscopy, Photogenic
? Revolver, Pistol, Handgun, Gun, Rifle
? Secretory, Serous, Slime, Snot, Soggy
?️ Ark, Censer, Crucifix, Cruet, Glim
? Pageant, Raddled, Tear Gas Grenade, Time Bomb, Total Loss
? Cast, Cast Away, Cast Off, Cast Up, Castaway
?️ Cave, Cave In, Cavern, Cavity, Charnel House
? Revolving, Hearts-And-Flowers, Hearts-And-Flowers, Revolving, Emotion
? Sneezing, Sniffle, Face, Emotion, Sniffle
? Inside, Petite, Sign, Emotion, Geometric
? Bankrupt, Bankruptcy, Barbiturism, Bark, Bash
? Pulsing, Stomach, Stroke, Emotion, Heart
? Know Well, Knowingly, Layoff, Meaningful, Mind
? Swash, Cough, Vomit, Spit, Spat
? Perverted, Faddist, Foible, Botanist, Abstruse
? Foolery, Fooling, Doltish, Idiotic, Slacker
? Green, Green, Emotion, Heart, Green
? Emotion, Comic, Bubble, Balloon, Thought
? Chuckle, Laughter, Humor, Kidding, Cackle
? Yellow, Yellow, Emotion, Heart, Yellow
Card, Suit, Emotion, Heart, Game
? Wear And Tear, Wear Away, Wrack, Wrack And Ruin, Emotion
? Planned, Plotted, Preamble, Prearrange, Prelude
? Lockjaw, Off Color, Offish, On The Run, Out Of Sorts
❣️ Emotion, Heart, Exclamation, Heavy, Emotion
? Emotion, Heart, Love, Romantic, Romance
? Shuts Up, Shutup, Sub Rosa, Face, Emotion
? Face, Emotion, Lying, Lying, Face
? Blue, Emotion, Heart, Blue, Emotion
? Avaricious, Bottomless, Cheap, Closefisted, Devouring
? Heart, Ribbon, Valentine, Emotion, Heart
? Excited, Heartpulse, Growing, Wholehearted, Heartfelt
❤️ Rectum, Sweetbread, Abdomen, Anus, Bowels
? Rodeo, Ranch, Cowboy, Cowboy, Rodeo
? Wiry, Human, Body, Comic, Muscle
? Salutation, Surrounding, Ambient, Circumferential, Clinch
? Intimate, Stinko, Emotion, Comic, Star
? Love, Romance, Letter, Love Email, Love Letter
? Kiss, Kissed, Kisses, Smooch, Greet
? Salivate, Face, Emotion, Salivate, Drooling
? Face, Emotion, Fool, Clown, Jester
? Running, Dash, Whiffing, Blowing, Farting
? Anoxia, Asphyxiation, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cyanosis
? Harmfully, Wounding, Headache, Injuring, Harmful
? Arrow, Heart, Cupid, Emotion, Arrow
? Zzz, Zzz, Word, Emotion, Comic
? Heart, Decoration, Emotion, Heart, Decoration
? Sparkle, Excited, Purehearted, Purehearted, Emotion
? Purple, Purple, Emotion, Heart, Purple
? Face, Emotion, Eyes, Roll, Face

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