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Autistic, Bate, Frosty, Efface, Allay, Alleviate, Anesthetize, Abrupt, Brusque, Arctic, Brief, Chill, Attenuate, Abate, Aggressive, Disinterest, Cold-blooded, Besot, Bluff, KO, Blunted, Bread, Constrain, Broad, Diminish, Cabbage, Beastly, Cavalier, Artless, Chasten, Immovable, Emotionless, Disincline, Chips, Assuage, Cold, Cool, Coldhearted, Born yesterday, Churlish, Control, Damp, Cramp, Brash, Exhaust, Candid, Dampen, Deaden, Deflect, Desensitize, Devitalize, Catatonic, Crusty, Anesthetized, Direct, Brass, Discourage.

? Blunt Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Blunt Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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? Salad Days, Slaw, Food, Green, Slaw
? Food, Pancake, Legume, Peanut, Legume
? Food, Restaurant, Rice, India, Curry
? Flatbread, Fritter, Food, Dessert, Pancake
? Tomatoes, Tomato, Tomatoes, Nature, Food

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