Brassy Emoji

Lion Face emoji Meanings, synonyms, and related words for ? Brassy Emoji:

Blaring, Blatant, Loud, Hoarse, Auburn, Audacious, Barefaced, Arrant, Cheeky, Bayard, Callous, Contemptuous, Bite the bullet, Affront, Arrogant, Gorgeous, Derisive, Brash, Brass, Titian, Brave, Bumptious, Dissonant, Challenging, Gaudy, Chestnut, Boisterous, Cocky, Beard, Colorful, Husky, Golden, Cracked, Bell the cat, Defiant, Extravagant, Disdainful, Brazen, Daring, Dry, Flaring, Face, Brazen out, Impudent, Clamorous, Flashy, Flaunting, Forward, Foxy, Fresh, Coarse, Flagrant, Bay, Gilt, Bronze, Gold, Crude.

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