? Bride With Veil Emoji

Bride With Veil emoji ? Bride With Veil emoji has similar meanings as the following words:
Human, Person, Wedding, Veil, Bride, Wives, Wife.

? Bride With Veil can be used on iOS and Android devices. It is also available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

? In order to send the Bride With Veil emoji, you can just copy-paste the emoji symbol on the left.

Symbols related to ? Bride With Veil Emoji

There are forty-five emoji in the Unicode library related to the ? Bride With Veil emoji.

? Grinning Face Grinning, Giggle, Chuckle, Laugh, Human
? Baby Human, Person, Child, Baby, Toddler
? Bride With Veil Wedding, Veil, Bride, Wives, Wife
? Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes Smiling, Smiley, Eye, Grin, Grinning
? Boy Person, Man, Child, Male, Boy
? Wedding Romance, Wedding, Chapel, Marry, Marriage
? Face With Tears of Joy Joy, Human, Face, Tears
? Girl Person, Woman, Child, Female, Girl
? Smiling Face With Open Mouth Drolly, Giggle, Droll, Joy, Human
? Man Human, Person, Man, Male, Masculine
? Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Smiling Eyes Happiness, Delighter, Merriment, Merriness, Amusingly
? Woman Wenches, Damsel, Women, Wench, Lady
? Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat Sweating, Perspire, Sweaty, Human, Face
? Old Man Grandpa, Old man, Old men, Oldman, Oldmen
? Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Closed Eyes Hilariously, Ludicrously, Humoristic, Laughingly, Humorously
? Old Woman Old, Grandmother, Oldwoman, Oldwomen, Oldlady
? Winking Face Blink, Naughtiness, Naughtiest, Winkingly, Naughtier
? Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes Sheepishly, Smilingly, Shynesses, Blushful, Smiliest
? Face Savouring Delicious Food Food, Smile, Smiling, Smiley, Yum
? Police Officer Officer, Cop, Police officer, Police women, Police Chief
? Smiling Face With Sunglasses Weather, Smile, Smiling, Smiley, Eye
? Detective Agent, Hide, Lurk, Hid, Human
? Smiling Face With Heart-eyes Desire, Fondly, Lover, Fond, Human
? Face Blowing a Kiss Face, Heart, Kiss, Human, Face
? Kissing Face Kiss, Kissing, Human, Face, Love
? Guard Guardsman, Guard, Human, Person, Soldier
? Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes Love, Kiss, Human, Face, Smile
? Construction Worker Labor, Human, Person, Job, Worker
? Kissing Face With Closed Eyes Closed, Human, Face, Eye, Kiss
? Princess Person, Monarch, Royal, Princess, Princesses
Smiling Face Face, Smile, Smiling, Smiley, Outlined
? Person Wearing Turban Person, Man, Turban, Human, Person
? Slightly Smiling Face Human, Face, Smile, Smiling, Smiley
? Man With Chinese Cap Gua, Human, Person, Man, Pi
? Neutral Face Pessimistically, Pessimistical, Pessimistic, Pessimist, Drearily
? Blond-haired Person Blond, Human, Person, Blonde, Blond
? Expressionless Face Inexpressive, Impassive, Expressionless, Human, Face
? Face Without Mouth Silent, Human, Face, Mouth, Silent
? Santa Claus Human, Activity, Person, Celebration, Christmas
? Smirking Face Smirk, Grin, Sneer, Smirking, Simper
? Person Frowning Grimace, Frowning, Scowl, Human, Person
? Persevering Face Human, Face, Persist, Persevering, Persevere
? Person Pouting Person, Gesture, Grimace, Pouting, Human
? Disappointed but Relieved Face Human, Face, Relieved, Disappointed, Whew
? Person Gesturing NO Forbidden, Human, Face, Person, Gesture


? Bride With Veil emoji was added to the Unicode Data in 2010.

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