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Bargain, Believe, Acquiesce, Acquire, Agree, Accept, Get, Agree with, Engross, Hire purchase, Assent, Accede, Acclaim, Obtain, Buying, Cheer, Abide by, Comply, Credit, Purchase, Fix, Trust, Get at, Buy in, Grease the palm, Applaud, Hail, Lubricate, Approach, Nod, Purchasing power, Pay off, Consumerism, Monopolize, Purchasing, Sop, Reach, Corner, Get to, Square, Steal, Swallow, Take, Take care of, Take for granted, Grease, Redeem, Agree to, Welcome, Corrupt, Buy off, Bribe, Procure, Consent, Hold with, Have, Shopping.

? Buy Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Buy Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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There are sixty-five emoji in the Unicode related to the ? Buy Emoji:

EmojiRelated words
? Dividend, Donation, Easy Street, Extraction, Exuberance
? Bank, Bill, Banknote, Euro, Euro
? Sawbuck, Spawn, Specie, Stumpy, Two Bits
? Bill, Banknote, Dollar, Flying, Wing
? Pound, Pound, Office, Note, Money
? Debit Card, Debitcard, Plastic Card, Plasticcard, Office
? Office, Note, Money, Bank, Bill
? Curlicue, Cursive, Helix, Italicized, Longhand
?️ Portrait, Artwork, Poster, Image, Pic
?️ Spiral, Calendar, Pad, Dated, Office
? Microdot, Microfiche, Microfilm, Platter, Recording
? Increased, Increasing, Increasingly, Inventory, Juxtapose
?️ Foreword, Fretwork, Frontage, Frontispiece, Gaudiness
? Questionnaire, Rapport, Strategic, Office, Notepad
? Spitting Image, Synonym, Telephonic, Telephoto, Triplicate
✏️ Pen, Pencil, Graphite, Graphite, Pencil
☎️ Telegraph, Teletype, Telex, Contact, Telegraph
? Incoming, Ingest, Miles Per Hour, Received, Rpm
✉️ Mailing List, Parcel Post, Pedantry, Pipe Roll, Rfd
?️ Drawing, Office, Communication, Pen, Ink
? Pencil, Memo, Swipe, Strategy, Memo
? Computer, Disc, Minidisc, Database, Data
?️ Transcriber, Automatic Writing, Ballpen, Ballpoint, Barnyard
? Myth, Mythicize, Mythology, Open Book, Opened Book
? Disc, Dvd, Office, Computer, Disc
?️ Notepad, Keynote, Noted, Applique, Tableau
? Receive, Inbox, Receive, Office, Communication
?️ Rig, Rigging, Sequel, Office, Communication
? Flag, Office, Communication, Mail, Closed
? Index, Rolodex, Indexed, Lineup, Type
? Lettered, Literate, Encyclopedic, Bibliolatry, Literacy
? Literature, Glossal, Album, Album, Glossal
? Arrow, Communication, Mail, Down, Letter
?️ Office, Communication, Crayon, Crayon, Office
? Classic, Couplet, Dissemination, Enumerate, Handbook
?‍? Secretaries, Secretary, Human, Face, Office
?️ Office, Computer, Trackball, Trackball, Office
? Closed, Postbox, Mailbox, Flag, Office
? Office, Communication, Pager, Pager, Office
? Sit, Seat, Armchair, Seating, Bench
? Scan, Barbel, Barbule, Feeler, Loran
? Economy, Niche, Trend, Office, Graph
? Post Box, Post Boxes, Postbox, Postboxes, Office
? Post, Office, Place, Japan, Building
? Pocketbook, Guideline, Workbook, Yearbook, Guideline
?️ Arsenal, Attic, Basement, Bay, Bin
? Flag, Office, Communication, Open, Mail
? Backpack, Briefcase, Case, Office, Bag
?️ Smudgy, Anoint, Broom, Brushed, Brushes
?️ Assort, Storage, Office, Card, Index
? Nominated, Nonfiction, Normal, Notify, Numerate
? Notebook, Decorated, Cover, Cover, Office
? Inflection, Angle For, Angular, Corner, Deflection
?️ Filecabinet, Bookshelf, Cupboard, Dresser, Locker
? Pin, Office, Place, Thumbtack, Pushpin
? Salesman, Salesmanship, Scalper, Wholesale, Office
?️ Button, Three, Mouse, Office, Computer
? Decreasing, Declining, Recession, Reduction, Downward
? Folder, Pamphlet, Folder, Pamphlet, Office
? Case History, Clio, Compendium, Daily, Diaries
? Tray, Sent, Outbox, Eject, Withdrawal
? Fifth Columnist, Foreign Exchange, Forex, Get At, Grease The Palm
? Badge, Item, Badge, Item, Name
? Bureaucratic, Chapter, Curl, Historical, Historically
? Crate, Dress Circle, Encapsulate, Enfold, Enshroud

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