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Court, Crescent, Back door, Back stairs, Blind alley, Artery, Highway, Bypass, Freeway, Pike, Close, Arterial, Avenue, Row, Digression, Dike, Alley, Discursion, Expressway, Sidetrack, Highroad, Lane, Detour, Motorway, Causeway, Parkway, Right-of-way, Circumferential, Roadway, Street, Side door, Driveway, Roadbed, Speedway, Turnpike, Superhighway, Episode, Main drag, Mews, Thoroughfare, Boulevard, Excursion, Road, Deviation, Departure, Side road, Drive, Place, Pave, Thruway.

? Byway Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Byway Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiRelated words
☪️ Algeria, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Symbol
?‍♀ Turban, Human, Face, Woman, Turban
? Galaxy, Universe, Cosmogony, Metaphorical, Nothingness
? Face, Place, Weather, Orbit, Moon
? Waxing, Waxing, Place, Weather, Time
? Orbit, Moon, Waxing, Gibbous, Gibbous
? Playing, Object, Activity, Japan, Game
?️ Healthiness, Incompleteness, Ineffectual, Infecund, Infertile
☂️ Rain, Umbrella, Canopy, Canopy, Weather
? Tower, Tokyo, Tokyo, Tower, Place
⛩️ Shinto, Kami, Hachiman, Frontier, Front
? Clock, Thirty, One, Time, Clock
? Five, Time, Clock, Five, Time
? Carnival, Farce, Acrobatics, Broadway, Circus
Gemini, Time, Zodiac, Gemini, Gemini
Sagittarius, Sagittarius, Time, Zodiac, Sagittarius
?️ Hurricane, Whirlwind, Whirling, Whirl, Eddy
? Time, Clock, Thirty, Eleven, Time
? Eleven, Time, Clock, Eleven, Time
? Clock, Thirty, Two, Time, Clock
? First, Bronze, First, First Place, First Prize
? Fuji, Fiord, Fjord, Fiord, Fjord
? Magnanimously, Main, Notably, Outer, Outermost
? Eye, Sun, Bright, Cool, Sightless
? Pin, Office, Place, Thumbtack, Pushpin
Tough It Out, Unsurprised, Wait, Waited, Waiting
? Helm, Officiate, Sweatshop, Administration, Blue Chip
? Clock, Thirty, Nine, Time, Clock
? Activity, Medal, Silver, Honor, Award
? Manufactories, Manufactured, Prep, Produced, Refinery
Zodiac, Capricorn, Capricorn, Time, Zodiac
? Mosque, Travel, Place, Mosque, Mecca
? Moon, Ceremony, Ceremony, Object, Activity
Alarmclock, Sec, Time, Clock, Alarm
?️ Relaxing, Vacation, Seaside, Coastal, Resting
? Clock, Nine, Time, Clock, Nine
? Clearing House, Deposit, Dive, Diving, Investment Bank
?️ Barometer, Climate, Detector, Recording Instrument, Temperature
? Scrap, Litterbox, Put, Scrap, Human
Unctuous, Uprising, Upstart, Upsweep, Volubility
? Nature, Place, Orbit, Globe, Globalisation
?️ Valley, Ford, Natural, Naturalize, Plateau
? Moon, Face, Place, Weather, Time
? Misty, Overcast, Vague, Vaguely, Place
? Quarter, Place, Weather, Time, Orbit
?️ Tent, Camping, Shelter, Site, Shanty
Zodiac, Virgo, Virgo, Time, Zodiac
? Half Cocked, Half Moon, Highroad, Horned, Lengthening
?️ Orbit, Spacecraft, Satellite, Spacestation, Sputnik
? Religious, Worship, Worshipful, Worshiping, Place
?️ Cloud, Weather, Sun, Cloud, Weather
? Six, Time, Clock, Thirty, Six
Zodiac, Time, Zodiac, Aries, Aries
Biorhythm, Temporary, Standby, Totem, Century

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