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Object, Video, Smartphone, Camera, Photocamera, Photoengraving, Canon, Neat, Photographic, Eyeglass, Meniscus, Ocular, Prism.

? Camera Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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? Mobile Phone Phone, Smartphone, Mobile, Cell, Iphone
? Movie Camera Video, Movie, Film, Camera, Cinema
? Camera With Flash Camera, Flash, Making photo, Taking photo, Photography
?️ Film Projector Cinema, Projector, Projecting, Filming, Beaming
? Video Camera Video, Camera, Object
?️ Framed Picture Image, Pic, Object, Office, Picture
?️ Film Frames Frame, Object, Entertainment, Movie, Film
? Selfie Photo, Digital, Human, Gesture, Body
? Statue of Liberty Liberty, Place, Statue
? Prayer Beads Hinduism, Buddhism, Beads, Object, Prayer
? Video Game Video, Play, Controller, Controlling, Video game
? Amphora Crock, Vase, Object, Ancient greece, Reliquary
? Radio Broadcasting, Object, Video, Radio
? Mobile Phone With Arrow Calling, Object, Arrow, Communication, Phone
? Camera Digital camera, Photo camera, Photocamera, Object, Video
?️ Sunglasses Sunglasses, Dark, Object, Eye, Glasses
? Vibration Mode Mode, Object, Communication, Phone, Smartphone
? School Backpack Schoolbag, Satchel, Backpack, Rucksack, Object
? Television Broadcasting, Tv, Television, Object, Video
? Mobile Phone Off Communication, Phone, Smartphone, Mobile, Cell
? Cinema Activity, Entertainment, Movie, Film, Camera
? Top Hat Entertainment, Top, Hat, Tophat, Object
? No Mobile Phones Forbidden, Phone, Smartphone, Mobile, Cell
? Graduation Cap Completion, Cap, Graduation cap, Undergraduate, Mortar board
? Lipstick Lip glosses, Lip gloss, Object, Cosmetics, Makeup
? Ring Romance, Ring, Diamond ring, Jewelry, Object
? Sweat Droplets Expectorating, Moisturising, Expectorate, Moisturise, Spattering
? Videocassette Videocassette, Vhs, Tape, Video tape, Videotape
? Dashing Away Blown, Whiff, Blew, Blow, Wind
?️ Spider Spider, Arachnid, Tarantula, Arthropod, Spidery
?️ Spider Web Spinneret, Object, Animal, Spider, Web
? Bouquet Romance, Bouquet, Nature, Object, Animal
? White Flower Object, Flower, Blossom
☄️ Comet Devastation, Exterminate, Devastating, Apocalypse, Armageddon
? Fire Watch-fire, Cremating, Flamelike, Fireplace, Camp fire
? Droplet Comic, Cold, Sweat, Drop, Droplet
? Christmas Tree Xmas tree, Xmastree, Object, Activity, Celebration
? Tanabata Tree Object, Activity, Japan, Celebration, Tree
? Pine Decoration Pine, Ornamentation, Object, Activity, Plant
? Performing Arts Emotional, Behaviour, Behavior, Demeanor, Behaving
? Artist Palette Illustrative, Portraying, Illustrate, Describing, Sketching
? Slot Machine Play, Slot, Gamble, Bet, Slot machine
?️ Reminder Ribbon Object, Celebration, Ribbon, Reminder, Object
?️ Admission Tickets Ticket, Admission, Object, Entertainment, Ticket
? Ticket Ticket, Admission, Object, Place, Activity
?️ Military Medal Honor, Object, Celebration, Medal, Military
? Direct Hit Focusing, Directly, Defining, Exactly, Precise
? Clapper Board Film, Clapper, Object, Activity, Entertainment
Fountain Gushes, Gush, Object, Place, Water
? Fireworks Magnificence, Magnificent, Splendidly, Amusement, Amusedly
? Sparkler Firework, Firecracker, Object, Activity, Celebration
? Moon Viewing Ceremony Moon, Ceremony, Object, Activity, Japan
? Person Taking Bath Bathroom, Hip bath, Hottub, Bathe, Sauna
? Person in Bed Hostel, Sleep, Slept, Object, Hotel
? Bomb Comic, Grenade, Explosive, Bomber, Bomb
?️ Shopping Bags Shopping, Buy, Boutique, Object, Bag
? Gem Stone Jewel, Gem, Irreproachable, Brilliantly, Flawlessly
? Kitchen Knife Cooking, Sword, Steel, Hocho, Chopping
?️ Bellhop Bell Bell, Bellhop, Object, Hotel, Bell

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