Cast Away Emoji Storyline

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Cast Away Emoji Storyline is a translation of Cast Away plot summary using seventy-six emoji from the latest Unicode Version.

EmojiStorylineRelated Words
↪️ After Arrow, Right
? FedEx
⚙️ systems Productiveness, Radionics
? engineer Act, Activist
? Chuck Potage, Shunt
? Noland
⤴️ out Preceding, Rare
? hasty Animation, Anxieties
? life Germination, Sprouting
? clock Chronometer, Dogwatch
? in Mail, Box
✈️ plane Carrier, Cloud Seeder
? crash Annihilating, Antitoxin
? he Brother, Errand Boy
? finds Outcrop, Outward
?️ alone Cay, Coral Reef
? on Arrow, On
?️ shores Lolling, Loosen
?? tropical Tropic, Clime
?️ island Cay, Coral Reef
? First First, Bronze
? frustration Exhausted, Exhausting
? gets Good Deal, Great Deal
? him Mannish, Masculine
and Affix, Affixation
⤴️ then Preceding, Rare
? he Brother, Errand Boy
? realizes Face, Emotion
?️ little Businessmen, Capitalist
? chances Randomize, Gamedice
? ever Cosmos, Galaxies
? get Good Deal, Great Deal
? back Above, Back
? civilization Student, Studied
? Four
? years Chronology, Concordance
➡️ later Manana, Meddling
? Chuck Potage, Shunt
? learned Student, Studied
☑️ very Checked, Chimney
? well Come Back At, Come Clean
➡️ survive Manana, Meddling
? on Arrow, On
✔️ own Agreeing, Confirm
♻️ mending Intake, Interloping
? dental Gastronome, High Liver
⚕️ health Nurse, Symbol
? catching Desiring, Disorder
? fish Caviar, Fishes
? spear Spear, Trident
☀️ weather Sunshine, Sunlight
? calendar Chronology, Concordance
? A
? photograph Photography, Photograph
❤️? girlfriend Wench, Lady
? Kelly
kept Arrogate, Borne
? hopes Likelihood, Mendicancy
? alive Germination, Sprouting
? all Cosmos, Galaxies
? years Chronology, Concordance
? Finally Grounded On, Hard And Fast
? Chuck Potage, Shunt
takes Arrogate, Borne
? opportunity Object, Place
take Arrogate, Borne
? off Disconnect, Disconnected
➡️ for Manana, Meddling
? home Fiefdom, Freehold
? he Brother, Errand Boy
?️ sets Memorabilia, Menagerie
? off Disconnect, Disconnected
? on Arrow, On
? wooden Sneerer, Sneer
raft Hull, Keel
sail Hull, Keel

Cast Away Details

Cast Away movie was released in 2000.

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