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Chit, Coinage, Stepchild, Baby, Bairn, Boy, Artifact, Fruit, Brood, Essence, Ingenue, Chick, Angel, Babe, Progeny, Kitten, Creature, Darling, Adolescent, Daughter, Effect, Lass, Extract, Outgrowth, Girl, Concoction, Heiress, Bud, Hick, Stripling, Production, Invention, Cherub, Kid, Lout, Lad, Distillation, Juvenile, Little fellow, Mite, Manufacture, Dove, Tot, Grandchild, Newborn, Nipper, Offspring, Opera, Opus, Origination, Minor, Brainchild, Peewee, Dupe, Product, Issue, Result.

? Child Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Child Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
? Epaulet, Flabby, Flaccid, Fryer, Goody Goody
? Man, Child, Male, Boy, Lad
? Bless, Evangelical, Astarte, Deity, Divined
? Baby, Chick, Nature, Animal, Bird
? Mankind, Menage, Mercifulness, Morale, Nation
? Woman, Child, Female, Girl, Sisterly
? Child, Baby, Toddler, Infant, Changing
? Face, Woman, Pregnant, Fertility, Fertility
? Milker, Sucker For, Teat, Thorax, Tit
?‍?‍?  Human, Family, Household, People, Human
?‍♂ Man, Human, Face, Gesture, No
? Pedestrian, Human, Travel, Prohibited, Not
?‍?  Human, Family, Household, People, Human
? Headdress, Parlor, Pigtail, Human, Person
? Euphoria, Fellow Traveler, Friend, Human, Person
? Genie, Gloat, Gloated, Gloating, Gnome
? Crossing, Crossing, Human, Travel, Child
? Military, Officer, Cop, Militiaman, Militiamen
? Pensive, Dejected, Brooding, Brooding, Wistful
?‍♂ Grimace, Human, Face, Man, Grimace
? Gesture, Body, Hand, Finger, Rude
? Emotion, Heart, Romance, Kissing, Greet
?‍?‍?‍?  Family, Household, People, Human, Family
?‍? Cubicle, Bureau, Secretaries, Secretary, Secretaries
? Burlesque, Hooker, Show Girl, Stripteaser, Human
?‍♂ Haircut, Human, Face, Man, Haircut
? Alter, Altruistic, Amatory, Ameliorate, Amenable
?‍♀ Woman, Blonde, Human, Face, Woman
? Musk, Myrrh, Nares, Neb, Nostril
?‍♂ Man, Shrug, Human, Face, Gesture
Hand, Victory, V, Gesture, Human
?️ Bedfellow, Bedmate, Billionaire, Bit, Boiler Room
? Foot, Footprint, Footrest, Footstep, Jaywalk
?‍✈️ Pilot, Human, Face, Job, Man
?‍♀ Human, Walking, Woman, Human, Walking
? Tuxedo, Costume, Costume, Tuxedo, Human
? Grin, Grinning, Giggle, Chuckle, Laugh
?‍♂ Turban, Human, Face, Man, Turban
?️ Head, Communicate, Vocalisation, Verbal, Vocal
? Stressfully, Apprehense, Stressful, Bothering, Nervously
?‍♂ Blonde, Human, Face, Man, Blonde
? Cheeky, Ironic, Allusive, Bumptious, Disrespectful
?‍♀ Woman, Haircut, Human, Face, Woman
? Gesture, Body, Photo, Digital, Digital
?‍?‍?  Family, Household, People, Human, Family
?‍? Job, Woman, Human, Face, Job
? Groan, Sigh, Overstrain, Overthrown, Apparel
?‍? Fireman, Rescuer, Human, Face, Job
?‍♀ Massage, Human, Face, Woman, Massage
? Antithesis, Backlash, Bigotry, Contempt, Contention
? Astonished, Amaze, Totally, Human, Face
? Face, Woman, Santa Claus, Human, Face
?‍?‍?‍?  People, Human, Family, Household, People
? Men, Restroom, Human, Travel, Male
?‍? Face, Job, Man, Human, Face
?‍?‍?  Human, Family, Household, People, Human
In Hand, Right Hand, Single Handed, Human, Gesture
? Individual, Backbone, Christen, Harry, Individualize
? Uncommunicative, Unexpressive, Human, Face, Unexpressive
? Scared, Fearful, Fear, Timid, Dread
? Human, Face, Frowning, Human, Face
? Couple, Duet, Duet, Human, Person
? Face, Mouth, Silent, Human, Face
?‍?‍?‍?  People, Human, Family, Household, People
?‍♀ Bunny, Party, Person, Human, Bunny

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