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Object, Activity, Entertainment, Movie, Film, Camera, Cinema, Theater, Demonstrating, Presentation, Introducing, Demonstrate, Presenting, Exhibition, Disclosing, Uncovering, Exhibiting, Cinematic, Introduce, Unveiling, Revealing, Spectacle, Disclose, Showing, Uncover, Exhibit, Unveil, Reveal, Scene, Show, Prom, Shown, Bandstand, Demonstration, Aceldama, Allegorize, Asbestos, Balletic, Battlefield, Cartoon, Chiller, Demonstrated, Demythologize, Disclosed, Exemplify, Exhibited, Explicate, Foreshadow, Hammy, Histrionic.

? Cinema Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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Related to ? Cinema Emoji

? Movie Camera Cameramanm, Object, Activity, Entertainment, Video
? Camera With Flash Make photo, Take photo, Made photo, Took photo, Photograph
? Ticket Object, Place, Activity, Entertainment, Ticket
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? Popcorn Snack, Popcorn, Popping corn, Food, Corn
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? Cinema Introducing, Demonstrate, Presenting, Exhibition, Disclosing
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? Graduation Cap Studying, Learning, Disciple, Student, Scholar
? Artist Palette Paint, Artist, Art, Palette, Color
? Video Camera Video, Camera, Object
? Shooting Star Galaxy, Falling, Shooting, Nature, Place
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? Person Cartwheeling Cartwheeling, Activity, Wheel
? Headphone Activity, Sound, Entertainment, Headset, Headphones
? Sweat Droplets Spat, Dew, Object, Emotion, Comic
? Dashing Away Whiffing, Blowing, Farting, Breeze, Blown
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?️ Spider Tarantula, Arthropod, Spidery, Object, Animal
? People Wrestling Grappling, Grapple, Activity, Struggle, Wrestling
? Ferris Wheel Activity, Entertainment, Wheel, Ferris, Place
?️ Spider Web Web, Spinneret, Object, Animal, Spider
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? Bouquet Nature, Object, Animal, Flower, Romance
? White Flower Object, Flower, Blossom
? Person Playing Water Polo Activity, Ball, Swimming, Goalkeeper, Activity
☄️ Comet Apocalypse, Armageddon, Meteorite, Devastate, Fireball
? Fire Flamy, Warm, Heat, Hot, Object
? Droplet Dampish, Hydrous, Aqueous, Rheumy, Liquid
? Person Playing Handball Activity, Ball
? Person Juggling Ball, Activity
? Slot Machine Slot machine, Gambling, Object, Place, Activity
?️ Reminder Ribbon Reminder, Object, Celebration, Ribbon, Reminder
?️ Military Medal Military, Honor, Object, Celebration, Medal
? Direct Hit Define, Centre, Exact, Focus, Telic
? 1st Place Medal Bronze, Place, Activity, Medal, Silver
? 2nd Place Medal Award, Medalist, Gold, Bronze, Place
Fountain Gushes, Gush, Object, Place, Water
? 3rd Place Medal Gold, Bronze, Place, Activity, Medal
? Fireworks Magnificent, Splendidly, Amusement, Amusedly, Splendid
? Volleyball Activity, Ball

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