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Definitive, Design, Symphony, Brainchild, Bric-a-brac, Capital, Best seller, Juvenile, Classical, Ideal, Masterpiece, Deathless, Archetype, Book, Serial, Notebook, Excellent, Exemplar, Ageless, Exemplary, Grotesque, Nude, Immortal, Psalter, Kitsch, Epitome, Letters, Composition, Literature, Time-honored, Representative, Mobile, Creation, Notable, Opus, Noteworthy, Fine, Museum piece, Old master, Pastiche, Outstanding, First-rate, Tour de force, Leading, Piece, Playbook, Prayer book, Prime, Production, Prototype, Paradigm, Champion, Publication, Folio, Quintessential, Model, Songbook.

? Classic Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Classic Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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There are sixty-five emoji in the Unicode related to the ? Classic Emoji:

EmojiRelated words
? Cairn, Landmark, Layout, Tab, Tag
? Nature, Animal, Eye, Cat, Face
? Mischievousness, Playful, Shenanigan, Toxicity, Human
? Umbrella, Canopy, Weather, Rain, Umbrella
? Key, Secure, Secure, Object, Lock
? Eye, Closed, Human, Face, Eye
? Curio, Cynicism, Dampness, Derision, Doublethink
? Throne, Tribunal, Workbench, Workhouse, Workroom
? Procedure, Questionnaire, Rapport, Strategic, Office
? Office, Communication, Mail, Closed, Postbox
? Tray, Withdraw, Withdrawal, Withdrawn, Office
? Letterbox, Letterboxes, Mail Box, Mail Boxes, Mailbox
? Bookstore, Syllabus, Synopsis, Archivist, Bankbook
? Badge, Item, Badge, Item, Name
? Pound, Office, Note, Money, Bank
? Place, Japan, Building, Post, Post
? Computer, Disc, Floppy, Disk, Cache
? Pin, Pinning, Arbor, Pinned, Pintle
? Album, Glossal, Office, Book, Blue
?️ Button, Three, Mouse, Office, Computer
? Briefcase, Case, Office, Bag, Suitcase
? Rising, Market, Economic, Economical, Economy
? Splice, Squirrel Away, Stack, Stacked, Stock
?️ Object, Office, Picture, Frame, Illustration
? Draught, Draughtsman, Draughty, Echelon, Emery
?️ Pad, Dated, Office, Spiral, Calendar
?‍? Engraver, Informant, Legate, Legislator, Notary
? Credit, Credit Card, Creditcard, Debit Card, Debitcard
? Office, Place, Building, Post, European
?️ Assort, Storage, Office, Card, Index
? Laptop, Electronics, Actuary, Figurer, Actuary
? Headquarters, Helm, Officiate, Sweatshop, Administration
?️ Pad, Notepad, Keynote, Noted, Applique
? Scalper, Wholesale, Office, Money, Dollar
?️ Communication, Paperclip, Wire, Jotting, Junction
? Size, Size Up, Yardstick, Office, Ruler
? Folder, Pamphlet, Office, File, Folder
✂️ Dicotyledon, Dilute, Diluted, Disparagement, Divvy Up
? Dvd, Office, Computer, Disc, Dvd
? Office, Bookmark, Marker, Catalog, Catalog
? Letter, Email, E-mail, Email, E-Mail
?️ Sentry, Show Off, Showing Off, Sifter, Spiritualize
?️ Trackball, Office, Computer, Trackball, Trackball
? Statistically, Structure, Table Of Contents, Office, Bar
? Book, Literature, Orange, Office, Book
? Notebook, Decorated, Cover, Cover, Office
? Income, Money Order, Pawn, Pay, Pay Out
? Doormat, Downhill, Downward, Draining, Drift Away
☎️ Telex, Contact, Telegraph, Teletype, Telex
? Mailbox, Lowered, Flag, Office, Communication
? Journal, Life Story, Log, Monthly, Notebook
? Script, Tractable, Countersign, Covenant, Psalm
?️ Fountain, Drawing, Office, Communication, Pen
? Mail, Postbox, Mailbox, Flag, Office
?‍? Organization, Cubicle, Bureau, Secretaries, Secretary
? Enshroud, Envelop, Haymaker, Localize, Loge
? Communication, Dish, Satellite, Antenna, Scanning
? Quadruplicate, Replica, Replicate, Spitting Image, Synonym
? Medium Of Exchange, Money, Nickel, On Call, Paying
? Memo, Swipe, Strategy, Memo, Strategy
? Office, Communication, Open, Mail, Postbox
? Mail, Down, Letter, Above, Email
?️ Anoint, Broom, Brushed, Brushes, Easel
? Angle For, Angular, Corner, Deflection, Dogleg
? Banknote, Yen, Bill, Yen, Office

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