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Conniving, Cooperative, Common, Communal, Communist, Combined, Concerted, Conjoint, Collective, Commensal, Mutual, Noncompetitive, Coadjutant, Reciprocal, Harmonious, Concordant, Concurrent, Synergistic, Communistic, Joint, Fellow, Symbiotic.

? Coefficient Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Coefficient Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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There are sixty-three emoji in the Unicode related to the ? Coefficient Emoji:

EmojiRelated words
? Swirl, Pie Eyed, Food, Restaurant, Fish
? Conch, Anvil, Conches, Eardrum, Stapes
? Piecemeal, Scarcity, Shiftless, Shiftlessness, Shilly Shallying
? Foliage, Fallen, Endpaper, Errata, Flyleaf
Drizzle, Precipitation, Hail, Drop, Parachute Jump
☁️ Cirrose, Cirrus, Cloud, Cloud Nine, Clouded
? Wind, Chime, Jellyfish, Chime, Jellyfish
Heaven, Heaven, Sky, Weather, Sun
?️ Stormy, Storm, Stormed, Lightning, Lightningbolt
Sparkly, Miracle, Marvel, Shone, Shiny
?️ Hurricane, Whirlwind, Whirling, Whirl, Eddy
? Air Pollution, Airing, Anemometer, Aria, Blew
Invigorating, Influencing, Influencial, Electrical, Invigorate
?️ Prana, Psyche, Puffing, Pulmonary, Realistic
? Bus, Mail Coach, Omnibus, School Bus, Travel
? Pamphlet, Office, File, Folder, Pamphlet
☂️ Weather, Rain, Umbrella, Canopy, Canopy
? Masked, Masked, Human, Face, Weather
? Teardrop, Drizzly, Dampish, Rheumy, Liquid
?️ Cloud, Weather, Sun, Cloud, Weather
?️ Sun, Cloud, Weather, Sun, Cloud
? Orbit, Moon, Quarter, Face, Place
? Creativity, Dark Cloud, Daydream, Daydreamed, Daydreamer
? Fou, Hoity Toity, Incomprehension, Indeliberate, Inebriate
? Eventide, Gloaming, Sunbeam, Scape, Crepuscle
? Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon, Quarter
? Moon, Crescent, Waxing, Waxing, Place
⛈️ Cloud, Rain, Thunder, Weather, Cloud
? Weather, Orbit, Moon, Quarter, Face
? Umbrella, Canopy, Weather, Rain, Umbrella
? Arterial, Bicorn, Boulevard, Bypass, Byway
? Darkened, Darkening, Darker, Darkest, Darkish
Figurine, Mannequin, Waxwork, Carving, Figurine
? Flower, Sunflower, Sunflower, Nature, Weather
?️ Rain, Drizzle, Precipitation, Hail, Weather
? Orbit, Moon, Crescent, Waning, Place
? Place, Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon
? Bright, Sobriety, Soundness, Sunburned, Make Clear
☀️ Weather, Sun, Bright, Sunny, Ray
? Place, Weather, Volcano, Magma, Lava
? Vague, Vaguely, Place, Weather, Cloud
? Sun, Sunrise, Morning, Persistently, Day In Day Out
☃️ Statue, Weather, Cold, Snow, Statue
?️ Drizzle, Precipitation, Hail, Blizzard, Snowing
? Nightfall, Nightly, Nocturnal, Tonight, Place
? Moon, Face, Place, Weather, Time
? Galactic, Immeasurable, Esoteric, Vacuum, Ad Infinitum
? Beyond One, Blend, Blended, Blending, Byzantine
?️ Spiceless, Transparent, Unventilated, Updraft, Vanish
? Smile, Smiling, Smiley, Eye, Sun
?️ Downfall, Raining, Showery, Deluge, Rainy
? Quarter, Place, Weather, Time, Orbit
? Westward, Northward, Southward, Sun Rise, Sun Rising
❄️ Alabaster, Anesthesia, Antisocial, Autistic, Benumb
⛱️ Rain, Umbrella, Sand, Beach, Shore
? Face, Place, Weather, Orbit, Moon
? Dizzy, Intimate, Stinko, Intimate, Stinko
? Orbit, Moon, Full, Fullmoon, Full
? Belvedere, Bestraddle, Bestride, Bleachers, Bridge
? River, Ruminant, Run Riot, Salt Water, Scavenger
? Orbit, Moon, Waxing, Gibbous, Gibbous
?️ Temperature, Thermometer, Thermostat, Weather, Thermometer
? Mountain, Sunrise, Morning, Hill, Hill

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