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Alibi, Allow for, Action, Adjunct, Adorn, Acorn, Badge, Affect, Azure, Bedeck, Alabaster, Titian, Acting, Bias, Apricot, Architecture, Technicolor, Argument, Attitude, Background, Balance, Apology, Bearing, Affectation, Beautify, Begild, Air, Besmear, Biscuit, Array, Bend, Ash, Banner, Bat, Adornment, Atmosphere, Belie, Appearance, Allowance, Blanch, Arrangement, Bedizen, Bedaub.

? Color Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Color Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
?‍? Illustrator, Painter, Human, Face, Job
?‍? Illustrator, Art, Human, Face, Job
?️ Brush, Smudge, Smudged, Smudging, Smudgy
?️ Stabile, Sure Sign, Tattoo, Telltale Sign, Tempera
? Scoot, Shin, Speeder, Sprinted, Also Ran
? Dessert, Sweet, Candy, Lolly, Lollipop
? Sporting, Usury, Keno, Roulette, Casino
? Lock, Unlock, Openlock, Unblock, Ungag
?️ Lounge, Barroom, Crouch, Grovel, Nightwalk
⚖️ Fixative, Fossil, Generality, Golden Rule, Gratuity
? Object, Activity, Celebration, Party, Tada
?️ Joystick, Object, Game, Controller, Videogame
? Vase, Flask, Jughead, Scalawag, Plastered
? Smoking, Soccer, Tobacco, Object, Travel
? Object, Tool, Microscope, Investigation, Researching
?️ Clock, Mantelpiece, Object, Clock, Mantelpiece
? Watch-fire, Cremating, Flamelike, Fireplace, Campfire
? Medal, Silver, Honor, Award, Medalist
? Stile, Tollgate, Turnstile, Vomitory, Archway
? Steinway, A Cappella, Adagio, Allegro, Baby Grand
?️ Music, Slider, Level, Level, Level At
? Miscegenate, Nuptial, Banns, Civil Ceremony, Honeymoon
? Diamond Ring, Espouse, Jewelries, Jewelry, Ring
☄️ Devastation, Epiphany, Exposition, Exposure, Exterminate
? Beribbon, Deftly, Emerald, Euphemistic, Flawless
? Privacy, Ink, Object, Pen, Lock
? Activity, Entertainment, Ticket, Admission, Pass For
? Observation Wheel, Place, Activity, Entertainment, Wheel
? Ice, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Activity, Hockey
? Aria, Boast, Botch, Brag, Brandish
? Mobile Phone, Mobilephone, Phone, Smart Phone, Smartphone
? Merry-Go-Round, Olympics, Playground, Playing Field, Playroom
? Blood, Bloodmobile, Bloodstream, Bloody, Cough
Spritz, Surging, Sycophantic, Tautologous, Tear Jerking
? Ceremony, Object, Activity, Japan, Celebration
? Gunpowder, Firework, Firecracker, Object, Activity
? Watercloset, Latrine, Loo, Bedpan, Bedpan
?️ Manipulator, Knob, Manipulator, Panel, Object
? Wondrous, Zest, Object, Activity, Celebration
⚛️ Substance, Substantiality, Synthesis, Synthesize, Theorem
? Mouthwash, Nauseant, Nozzle, Purifier, Rinsed
? Althorn, Fanfare, French Horn, Jazz Band, Saxhorn
? Poking, Prying, Whaling, Fishhook, Fish For
? Ball, Celebration, Party, Paper, Confetti
?️ Beau Brummel, Bickerer, Blade, Bract, Brawler
?? Australia, Flag, Country, Australia, Australia
?️ Drum, Oil, Crude, Petrol, Petroleum
? Precis, Psychotherapy, Riboflavin, Rind, Saddlery
⛓️ Hum, High And Dry, Inextricable, Lattice, Livery
? Phone, Smartphone, Mobile, Cell, Off
? Bamboo, Banner, Bamboo, Banner, Object
? Break The News, Frontpage, Magazine, News Ticker, Newspaper
?️ Medal, Military, Honor, Object, Celebration
? Object, Place, Japan, Tool, Leaf
⚱️ Object, Urn, Funeral, Urn, Object
? Faculty, Regalia, Adjusted, Autodidactic, Biopsy
?️ Death Grip, Downgrade, Dressing, Dunning, Elide
? Tool, Light, Electric, Flashlight, Torch
? Star, Telling, Fortune, Object, Star
? Object, Animal, Flower, Romance, Bouquet
? Object, Search, Magnifying, Glass, Object
? Anchor, Trident, Emblem, Harpoon, Spear
? Mandolin, Samisen, Sitar, Spanish Guitar, Ukulele
? Videotape, Object, Video, Videocassette, Tape
? Retrench, Signal, Stair, Staircase, Stairway

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