Communique Emoji

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Declaration, Directory, Annunciation, Blue Book, Briefing, Advice, Instruction, Circular, Info, Message, Datum, Acquaintance, Announcement, Program, Encyclical, Enlightenment, Account, Enunciation, Handout, Publication, Information, Intelligence, Edict, Light, Communication, Manifesto, Notification, Data, Proclamation, Release, Pronouncement, Express, Presentation, Publicity, Transmission, Report, Facts, Knowledge, Ukase, White paper, Letter, Statement, Bulletin, Guidebook, Position paper, Embassy, Dispatch, Proof, Evidence, Notice, Telegram, Sidelight, Word.

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EmojiRelated words
Hydroelectric, Influenced, Actuation, Analeptic, Battery Powered
? Joyful, Joying, Drolly, Giggle, Droll
? Cold, Sweat, Perspiration, Perspiratory, Perspirable
? Photograph, Photographies, Photography, Spectrometry, Take Photo
ℹ️ Arraignment, Bill Of Particulars, Indictment, Info, Information
? Owing To, Painstakingly, Pay Attention, Pensive, Pensively
? Enthrall, Exultant, Feckless, Feeling For, Fragrant
? Open, Grimace, Cat, Mouth, Smirk
? Idiom, Correspondence, Mispronunciation, Citation, Tirade
? Bang, Bang Up, Bangbang, Banging, Bankrupt
? Activity, Celebration, Flag, Streamer, Carp
? Mane, Padlock, Penal Colony, Penstock, Prison
? Tablet, Vitamin, Object, Medicine, Medication
?️ Beamed, Blessed, Blithe, Blithesome, Bounce
? Inn, Hostel, Sleep, Slept, Hostel
? Endowed, Endue, Freebie, Gift, Gift Box
? Disassociation, Disconnect, Disconnected, Disconnection, Disassociation
? Borrow, Bosom, Breast, Bulge, Carton
? Diamond In The Rough, Emerald, Euphemistic, Flawless, Flawlessly
?️ Suffrage, Vote, Voted, Voting, Write In
?️ Object, Bag, Hotel, Store, Shopping
? Ash, Cinder, Clinker, Soot, Amphora
? Ink, Privacy, Ink, Object, Pen
?️ Drum, Oil, Petrol, Petroleum, Object
?️ Bellhop, Object, Hotel, Bell, Bellhop
?️ Ticket, Admission, Admission, Ticket, Object
? Beginner, Beginner, Chevron, Object, Place
?️ String Along, Tag Along, Object, Tag, Mark
? Monopolist, Manner, Gentlemanly, Manner, Mannered
? Place, Activity, Entertainment, Ticket, Admission
? Fullback, Glockenspiel, Gong, Jumper, Kit
? Device, Communicant, Chip, Cell, Cell Phone
? Vibration, Mode, Mode, Vibration, Object
? Japan, Celebration, Wind, Chime, Jellyfish
? Camera, Object, Video, Camera, Object
? Appearing, Arise, Avatar, Barnstorm, Behold
?️ Sacramental, Shofar, Sprinkler, Sukkah, Tabernacle
? Mouthwash, Nauseant, Nozzle, Purifier, Rinsed
? Fine Writing, Finery, Flourish, Frippery, Garnish
? Mobile, Cell, Object, Communication, Prohibited
⚔️ Contend With, Contradict, Contradiction, Contrast With, Contravene
?️ Developing, Development, Developmental, Ensue, Eventuality
⚙️ Adjust, Systematic, Crag, Flunky, Innards
?️ Armory, Bayonet, Beau Brummel, Bickerer, Blade
? Strengthened, Strengthener, Strengthening, Strong, Strong Arm