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Altarpiece, Alternate, Engross, Draft, Abstraction, Act, Act as, Xerox, Blueprint, Act out, Backup, Carbon copy, Agent, Photostat, Flimsy, Abstract, Derive from, Chart, Approach, Appropriate, Doppelganger, Approximate, Back number, Collage, Beat, Dead ringer, Borrow, Analogy, Burlesque, Adopt, Call up, Facsimile, Draw, Deputy, Chalk, Affect, Charcoal, Color, Chorus, Article, Changeling, Collection, Correspond, Come again, Assume, Duplicate, Brainchild, Counterfeit, Counterpart, Crib, Cyclorama, Dash off, Bring to mind, Comparison, Act like, Delineate, Autograph.

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EmojiRelated words
?️ Console, Joystick, Object, Game, Controller
? Faxing, Homonym, Mimeograph, Mock Up, Photostat
?️ Technology, Basketwork, Cassandra, Colander, Cyclorama
? Figurer, Actuary, Computer, Electronics, Figurer
? Instruction, Bureaucratic, Chapter, Bureaucratic, Chapter
?‍? Technician, Technician, Human, Face, Job
?️ Button, Three, Mouse, Office, Computer
? Impound, Impressment, Imputation, Lashing, Loyalty
?‍? Face, Job, Technician, Human, Face
? Pager, Office, Communication, Pager, Pager
?️ Computer, Trackball, Trackball, Office, Computer
? Blood Relative, Bracer, Card Carrier, Cardholder, Carnal Knowledge
? Notebook, Journal, Ledger, Ledger, Office
? Office, Communication, Pencil, Memo, Swipe
?‍? Consultant, Consultation, Councilman, Counsel, Counselor
? Planning, Office, Calendar, Planning, Leave Of Absence
? Japan, Building, Post, Post, Office
? Postbox, Mailbox, Flag, Office, Communication
? Bill, Banknote, Pound, Pound, Office
? Pin, Pinned, Pinning, Pintle, Pushpin
⌨️ Keypad, Typewriter, Sign, Computer, Keyboard
? Net Worth, Nominal, Onrush, Opulence, Outlay
? Note, Money, Bank, Bill, Banknote
? Belittle, Belittled, Business Cycle, Carbonation, Climacteric
?️ Paintbrush, Paintbrushes, Painted, Pastel, Queue
✒️ Nib, Nib, Office, Pen, Nib
? Trend, Office, Graph, Chart, Yen
? Communication, Open, Mail, Postbox, Mailbox
? Office, Book, Literature, Orange, Office
?️ Tableau, Applique, Keynote, Noted, Notepad
?️ Scree, Sediment, Back Of Beyond, Breccia, Carpe Diem
? Drain, Earn, Earnings, Engross, Extrinsic
? Decorated, Cover, Cover, Office, Book
?️ Sequel, Rig, Rigging, Jotting, Junction
?‍? Bureau, Secretaries, Secretary, Secretaries, Secretary
? Bag, Suitcase, Case, Briefcase, Backpack
?️ Lithograph, Print, Printed, Printer, Printing
? Statistical, Statistically, Structure, Table Of Contents, Office
?️ Dated, Office, Spiral, Calendar, Pad
? Antenna, Scanning, Radar, Scan, Barbel
? Office, Communication, Mail, Closed, Postbox
? Scenario, Septet, Sextet, Sketchbook, Soft Cover
? Covenant, Psalm, Commandment, Litany, Quest
? Enshroud, Envelop, Haymaker, Localize, Loge
? Workhouse, Workroom, Class, Armchair, Atelier
? Corner, Deflection, Dogleg, Elbow, Inflection
☎️ Office, Sound, Phone, Telephone, Call
? Conspectus, Notify, Opinion, Liabilities, Abrasive
? Compact Disc, Disc, Disk, Dvd, Filing Card
? Euro, Office, Note, Money, Bank
? Accumulated, Agglomeration, Aggregate, Aggregation, Amass
? Name, Badge, Item, Badge, Item
? Rolodex, Indexed, Lineup, Type, Graded
?️ Portfolio, Retable, Shelf, Strong Room, Strongbox
? Communication, Mail, Closed, Postbox, Mailbox
✏️ Pen, Pencil, Graphite, Graphite, Pencil
?️ Fountain, Drawing, Office, Communication, Pen
?️ Pastoral, Tattoo, Art Work, Artwork, Asphalt
?️ Communication, Crayon, Crayon, Office, Communication
? Postboxes, Office, Communication, Mail, Postbox