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Bull, Bullock, Being, Bison, Body, Beast, Foal, Bovine, Equine, Living being, Buffalo, Animal, Beef, Mount, Colt, Courser, Brahman, Cow, Entity, Object, Filly, Yak, Gelding, Cattle, Individual, Brood mare, Kine, Maverick, Brute, Monad, Ox, Nag, Dobbin, Milker, Organism, Something, Oxen, Dogie, Heifer, Soul, Stallion, Steer, Stud, Thing, Unit, Horse, Persona, Bossy, Yearling, Entire, Charger, Calf, Neat, Creature, Mare, Life, Personality.

? Critter Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Critter Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
? Animal, Pig, Face, Nature, Animal
? Kangaroo, Platypus, Armadillo, Bison, Buffalo
? Animal, Pig, Pork, Piggy, Sow
? Elephant, Hippo, Jumbo, Mammoth, Nature
? Nature, Animal, Sheep, Ram, Antelope
? Chatter, Commandant, Constable, Copper, Cowhide
? Milk, Goat, Satyr, Lecher, Goatish
? Pedant, Fleece, Babbitt, Bellwether, Bleat
? Tigress, Nature, Animal, Tiger, Tigress
? Animal, Whale, Spouting, Spouting, Face
? Cattle, Bull, Cow, Bludgeon, Browbeat
? Cocky, Contemptuous, Contumelious, Conviction, Courage
? Elitist, Rabbinic, Juiciness, Elitist, Fruit
Effervescence, Electricities, Electrified, Electrostatic, Energies
? Nature, Animal, Cow, Face, Nature
? Biosphere, Carpet, Earthbound, Earthly, Esplanade
? Tree, Treetop, Wood, Wood Pulp, Nature
? Animal, Insect, Ant, Termite, Anthill
? Lounge Lizard, Salamander, Scaly, Skink, Animal
? Fox Trot, Animal, Fox, Cub, Cub
? Moire, Nacre, Nature, Animal, Leopard
? Runt, Dormouse, Mice, Mouse, Rodent
? Shrimp, Animal, Prawn, Shrimp, Animal
? Koala, Mammal, Marsupial, Koala, Mammal
? Swaggerer, Parson, Dogged, Dogie, Parson
? Animal, Fish, Tropical, Nature, Animal
? Lucky, Luck, Favorably, Fetish, Swimmingly
? Tree, Palm, Jungle, Coconut Tree, Palm
? Place, Orbit, Globe, Earth, Africa
? Nouveau Riche, Shroom, Nature, Plant, Mushroom
?️ Snow, Nature, Place, Cold, Mountain
?️ Maggot, Nymph, Spider, Spidery, Tarantula
?️ Web, Spinneret, Cobweb, Cobweb, Spinneret
?️ Rosette, Decoration, Blossom, Rosette, Nature
? Rosebushes, Nature, Plant, Flower, Rose
? Grin, Grinning, Face, Nature, Animal
? Animal, Cat, Kitten, Kitty, Tom
? Trotter, Watchdog, Wiener, Nature, Animal
? Nature, Animal, Cat, Tear, Sad
? Berry, Strawberries, Berry, Strawberries, Strawberry
? Penguin, Penguin, Nature, Animal, Bird
? Private Parts, Tater, Vegetable, Nature, Food
? Stormy Petrel, Test Flight, Warbler, Waterfowl, Whish
? Nature, Animal, Ocean, Flipper, Dolphin
? Cat, Face, Nature, Animal, Eye
? Piecemeal, Scarcity, Shiftless, Shiftlessness, Slothful
? Grapevine, Grape, Grapevine, Vine, Nature
? Ocherous, Peach, Peach Fuzz, Peaches, Pimp
? Place, Orbit, Globe, Earth, Australia
? Face, Nature, Animal, Pet, Hamster
? Bogey, Bogeyman, Bugbear, Bughouse, Buttonhole
? Nature, Animal, Chicken, Rooster, Egg
? Satirist, Screwy, Slaphappy, Wag, Wisecracker
? Ironic, Sarcastic, Sarcastic, Wry, Face
? Animal, Bird, Swan, Goose, Duckling
? Cock, Cockerel, Feather, Feather Bed, Gun For
?️ Natural World, Naturalize, Nature, Park, Plateau
? Gene, Genetic, Gentility, Hatched, All Embracing
? Unicorn, Animal, Horse, Horn, Fantasy
? Moth, Larva, Caterpillar, Caterpillar, Larva
? Face, Nature, Animal, Cat, Weary
? Bunny, Rabbit, Hare, Face, Nature
? Squirm, Snaky, Insidious, Jimjams, Medusa
? Road Hog, Ruthless, Sadistic, Sanguinary, Savage
? Bunny, Rabbit, Hare, Belle, Bunnies

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