Cross Emoji

Orthodox Cross emoji Meanings, synonyms, and related words for ☦️ Cross Emoji:

Against the grain, Aggravation, Canton, John Hancock, X, Abjure, Holy Grail, Arms, Across, Ark, Azure, Affliction, Host, Burden, Bar sinister, Annoyance, Annoyed, Agnus Dei, Annulet, Arch, Baton, Armory, Block, At issue, Angry, At war, Adversary, Autograph, Captious, Bummer, Baffle, Adverse, Bar, Bearings, Barrow, Antagonize, Bandeau, Beads, Bilk, Bearish, Anti, Cenotaph, At odds, Billet, Bitchy, Blast, Blazon, Blend, Bless, Bend, Achievement, Boat, Antipathetic, Brave, Balk, Button.

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EmojiRelated words
? Japan, Celebration, Crossed, Coat Of Arms, Flag
? Human, Travel, Child, Walking, Footpath
⚔️ Battle Royal, Bear Down On, Belligerence, Blitz, Blitzkrieg
Nonexistent, Oversight, Pink Slip, Play Havoc With, Plunge
Catchy, Chicanery, Circumvention, Contort, Culpable
⛑️ Armouring, Armoring, Armour, Armor, Aegis
?️ Dove, Dovelike, Freeing, Freed, Freedom
☸️ Hinduism, Dharma, Ashtamangala, Compass, Coordinate
? Blackheart, Black, Black, Blackheart, Symbol
Church, Church House, Churches, Churchly, Cloister
✡️️ Star, Sign, Symbol, Star, Sign
?️‍?️ Bystander, Testify Against, Witness, Symbol, Eye
#️⃣ Hash, Side, Hash, Hashtag, Hashtagged
? Symbol, Hinder, Interlock, Block, Block
? Word, Symbol, Input, Word, Symbol
☪️ Crescent, Religion, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Malaysia
? Religion, Religious, Worshipful, Worshiping, Religion
? Chanukiah, Candelabra, Candelabra, Candelabrum, Chanukiah
?️ Symbol, Brahman, Sign, Brahman, Symbol