? Crossed Flags Emoji

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Flag, Activity, Japan, Celebration, Crossed.

? Crossed Flags Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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Flag in Hole Travel, Sport, Hole, Golf, Flag
? Crossed Fingers Human, Gesture, Body, Finger, Crossed
⚔️ Crossed Swords Aggression, Skirmishes, Struggling, Offensive, Wrestling
? Chequered Flag Chequered, Checkered, Checkered flag, Racing flag, Concluding
? Triangular Flag Milestone, Flagstick, Flagging, Marking, Point
? Black Flag Waving, Flag
?️ White Flag Parley, Flag, Waving, Surrendering, White flag
? Sparkler Object, Activity, Celebration, Sparkler, Sparkle
? Closed Mailbox With Lowered Flag Lowered, Flag, Office, Communication, Mail
☦️ Orthodox Cross Church, Christianity, Messiah, Christians, Christian
?? Japan Flag, Country, Japan
?? South Korea South Korea, Flag, Country
? Two-hump Camel Animal, Hump, Camel, Bactrian, Nature
☘️ Shamrock Clover, Shamrock, Nature, Plant, Clover
? Maple Leaf Nature, Plant, Leaf, Fallen, Maple
? Croissant Pancake, France, Dough, Pastry, Food
? Burrito Food, Pizza, Burger, Cheeseburger, Taco
?️️‍? Rainbow Flag Flag, Rainbow
? Santa Claus Father, Santa claus, Father christmas, Santa, Human
? Ogre Ogre, Monstrosity, Abomination, Monstrous, Awfully
⛑️ Rescue Worker’s Helmet Cross, Helmet, Armouring, Armoring, Armour
? Closed Mailbox With Raised Flag Closed, Postbox, Mailbox, Flag, Office
? School Backpack Activity, Bag, School, Schoolbag, Satchel
? Goblin Vile, Evil, Foe, Face, Japan
? Raising Hands Celebration, Raise, Festival, Hooray, Gala
? Crossed Flags Japan, Celebration, Crossed, Cross, Flag
? Top Hat Activity, Entertainment, Top, Hat, Tophat
? Kimono Clothing, Robe, Kimono, Japan
? Graduation Cap Educational, Graduating, Education, Knowledge, Educating
✝️ Latin Cross Church, Christianity, Messiah, Christians, Christian
? Open Mailbox With Raised Flag Open, Mail, Postbox, Mailbox, Flag
? Tanabata Tree Object, Activity, Japan, Celebration, Tree
? Christmas Tree Xmastree, Object, Activity, Celebration, Tree
? Shuffle Tracks Button Switch, Arrow, Crossed, Shuffling, Switching
? Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag Office, Communication, Open, Mail, Postbox
? Shooting Star Place, Activity, Star, Galaxy, Falling
? Pine Decoration Pine, Ornamentation, Object, Activity, Plant
? Bento Box Bento, Food, Restaurant, Japan, Box
? Rice Ball Food, Restaurant, Japan, Ball, Rice
? Birthday Cake Christmas, Cake, Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary
? Oden Stick, Skewer, Seafood, Oden, Kebab
?️ Reminder Ribbon Object, Celebration, Ribbon, Reminder, Object
? Person Cartwheeling Cartwheeling, Activity, Wheel
? Dango Food, Restaurant, Japan, Dessert, Sweet
?️ Military Medal Honor, Object, Celebration, Medal, Military
? Fireworks Firecracker, Fireworks, Magnificently, Extraordinary, Magnificence
? Map of Japan Map, Place, Japan
? People Wrestling Grapple, Activity, Struggle, Wrestling, Grappling
? Mount Fuji Fuji, Place, Japan, Mountain, Fuji
? Moon Viewing Ceremony Moon, Ceremony, Object, Activity, Japan
? Japanese Post Office Place, Japan, Building, Post, Office
? Balloon Activity, Celebration, Balloon, Helium, Object
? Japanese Castle Castle, Place, Japan, Building, Castle
? Party Popper Tada, Popper, Object, Activity, Celebration
? Person Playing Water Polo Ball, Swimming, Goalkeeper, Activity, Ball
? Tokyo Tower Tokyo, Place, Japan, Tower, Tokyo
? Confetti Ball Celebration, Party, Paper, Confetti, Object
?? Ascension Island Flag, Country, Ascension Island
? Japanese Dolls Activity, Japan, Celebration, Festival, Dolls
?? Andorra Country, Andorra, Flag

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