Damaged Emoji

Face With Head-bandage emoji Meanings, synonyms, and related words for ? Damaged Emoji:

Fallible, Faulty, Burst, Busted, Cracked, Blemished, Injured, Defective, Incomplete, Mediocre, Erroneous, Aggravated, Broken, Rent, Hurt, Immature, Adulterated, Impaired, Inadequate, Scorched, Inexact, Wanting, Irritated, Found wanting, Makeshift, Deficient, Mangled, Mutilated, Embittered, Patchy, Short, Ruptured, Imprecise, Partial, Shattered, Split, Sketchy, Impure, Lacerated, Spoiled, Sprung, Undeveloped, Uneven, Unfinished, Unperfected, Lacking, Slit, Cut, Weakened, Inaccurate, Off, Harmed, Flawed, Scalded, Imperfect, Mixed, Marred.

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