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Balance Scale emoji Meanings and synonyms for ⚖️ Debit Emoji:

Deprivation, Destruction, Carry, Carry over, Charge off, Book, Keep books, Cost, Injury, Payment, Denial, Bereavement, Capitalize, Sacrifice, Divestment, Docket, Balance, Enter, Forfeiture, Strike a balance, Item, Log, Disbursal, Minute, Credit, Notation, Post, Damage, Ruin, Total loss, Scheduling, Expenditure, Robbery, Taking away, Expense, Loser, Loss, Close out, Forfeit, Privation, Dispossession, Detriment, Spoliation, Entry, Perdition, Note.

⚖️ Debit Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Debit Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2005.

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EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
?️ Society, Standing Order, State, Statesmanlike, Tradition
Libra, Libra, Time, Zodiac, Libra
⚰️ Tombstone, Object, Coffin, Burying, Funeral
⛷️ Travel, Person, Sport, Ski, Human
☃️ Cold, Snow, Statue, Snowman, Snowflake
☂️ Canopy, Canopy, Weather, Rain, Umbrella
⚗️ Extract, Substratum, Nitrate, Nitrogen, Acid
? Average Man, Elopement, Endurance, Evacuation, Fled
? Floating, Gambling House, Gargle, Gymnastics, Hangout
? Fixed, Imbalance, Spanner, Wrench, Object
? Back Door, Blowhole, Door, Doorjamb, Doorpost
? Popper, Fete, Housewarming, Soiree, Event
?️ Ticket, Admission, Admission, Ticket, Object
?️ Astringent, Band Aid, Bear Hug, Boil Down, Clamp
? Repeater, Artilleryman, Assassin, Big Gun, Blowgun
☄️ Epiphany, Exposition, Exposure, Exterminate, Fireball
? Object, Video, Camera, Object, Video
? Deception, Deceptive, Decoy, Delude, Delusion
? Video Tape, Videocassette, Videotape, Object, Video
? Emblem, Harpoon, Spear, Cuspid, Denticle
? Party, Paper, Confetti, Confetti, Object
? Padlock, Penal Colony, Penstock, Prison, Privacies
? Spitting, Splash, Splashed, Splashes, Splashing
?️ Masterpiece, Picturing, Portrait, Artwork, Poster
? Gifted, Endue, Endowed, Endue, Freebie
? Droplet, Raindrop, Teardrop, Drizzly, Dampish
? Exhibition, Explicate, Expose, Ferret Out, Firing Line
? Tab, Booked, Layout, Cairn, Landmark
⛏️ Ice Pick, Icepick, Mattock, Mow, Pickax
? Clapper, Object, Activity, Entertainment, Movie
? Grinning, Giggle, Chuckle, Laugh, Happy Hour
? Grappling, Activity, Struggle, Wrestling, Grappling
?️ Plug Ugly, Quarreler, Rating, Reference Mark, Rioter
?️ Console, Console, Joystick, Object, Game
? Romance, Ring, Jewelry, Espouse, Ringlet
?️ Divan, Couch, Lounge, Barroom, Crouch
?️ Object, Lock, Old, Key, Object
? Activity, Japan, Game, Flower, Card
? Latrine, Loo, Bedpan, Bedpan, Chamber Pot
? Object, Lock, Closed, Key, Secure
? Reflector, Refractor, Spectrograph, Spectroscope, Spectroscopy
? Broadcasting, Television, Tv, Typify, Object
? Sparkle, Rocket, Gunpowder, Firework, Firecracker
?️ Chary, Cold Storage, Counterclaim, Counterirritant, Countermeasure
? Object, Place, Activity, Entertainment, Ticket
? Flourish, Adornment, Arabesque, Beaded, Bedecked
? Outfield, Percussion, Percussive, Pugilist, Quarterback
? Object, Open, Lock, Unlock, Openlock
? Blossom, Object, Flower, Blossom, Object
?️ Mark, Label, Brand, Labelling, Labeling
? Let In On, Let Out, Letdown, Lineaments, Louse Up
? Bolt, Bolt Hole, Stud, Object, Tool
⚒️ Tool, Pick, Hammer, Heraldry, Adjustment
? Ladder, Stair, Retrench, Broadcast, Backstairs
? Camera, Cinema, Image, Cameramanm, Object
? Activity, Japan, Celebration, Tree, Bamboo
?️ Clock, Mantelpiece, Object, Clock, Mantelpiece
? Activity, Celebration, Lantern, Jack, Halloween
? Pyrotechnics, Regalement, Self-Gratification, Self-Indulgence, Amazing
?️ Control, Knob, Panel, Manipulator, Knob
? Inhalant, Magnetize, Mesmerize, Narcotize, Syrup
? Amphora, Ash, Cinder, Clinker, Crock
?️ Level, Level, Level At, On The Level, Slider
? Dichotomy, Dissect, Dissection, Ensilage, Excision
? Give Notice, Idea, Inform, Informed, Innovate

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