? Dim Button Emoji

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Sign, Low, Dim.

? Dim Button Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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? Bright Button Firelight, Brightest, Brighten, Brighter, Glowing
? Globe With Meridians Orbit, Globe, Meridians, Globalisation, Globalization
? White Square Button Geometric, Square, Button, Outlined, Sign
? Radio Button Sign, Geometric, Button, Radio, Sign
High Voltage Power, Nature, Travel, Electric, High
?️ Computer Mouse Mouse, Office, Computer, Button, Three
Wheelchair Symbol Chair, Wheelchair, Disability, Access, Human
Sparkles Shine, Glitter, Glisten, Glistening, Glittering
? Speaker Medium Volume Sound, Speaker, Wave, Volume, Low
? Dim Button Brightness, Dim, Sign, Low
Soccer Ball Ball, Sign, Plus, Football, Soccer
⌨️ Keyboard Keypad, Sign, Computer, Keyboard, Typewriter
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✳️ Eight-spoked Asterisk Sign, Asterisk
✴️ Eight-pointed Star Star, Sign
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Black Small Square Square, Sign, Geometric
White Small Square Sign, Geometric, Square
White Medium Square Geometric, Square, Sign
Black Medium Square Sign, Geometric, Square
White Medium-small Square Square, Sign, Geometric
Black Medium-small Square Geometric, Square, Sign
Black Large Square Square, Sign, Geometric
White Large Square Square, Sign, Geometric
? Large Orange Diamond Sign, Geometric, Diamond, Orange, Sign
? Large Blue Diamond Geometric, Diamond, Blue, Sign, Geometric
? Small Orange Diamond Diamond, Orange, Sign, Geometric, Diamond
? Small Blue Diamond Blue, Sign, Geometric, Diamond, Blue
? Red Triangle Pointed Up Sign, Geometric, Red, Triangular, Triangle
? Red Triangle Pointed Down Down, Sign, Geometric, Red, Down
? Diamond With a Dot Inside, Sign, Emotion, Geometric, Comic
? Black Square Button Sign, Geometric, Square, Button, Sign
White Circle Geometric, Circle, Sign
Black Circle Circle, Sign, Geometric
? Red Circle Sign, Geometric, Red, Circle, Sign
? Blue Circle Blue, Circle, Sign, Geometric, Blue

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