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Arrow, Red, Down, Button.

? Down Button Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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? Chart Decreasing Recession, Reduction, Downward, Decrease, Reducing
? Red Triangle Pointed Up Geometric, Red, Triangular, Triangle, Sign
? Red Triangle Pointed Down Down, Sign, Geometric, Red, Down
Fast Down Button Deepest, Bottom, Deeper, Lowest, Deeply
Fast-forward Button Forward, Fast, Sound, Arrow, Double
Fast Reverse Button Previous, Before, Prior, Sound, Arrow
Fast Up Button Tallish, Taller, Higher, Height, Highly
? Backhand Index Pointing Down Index, Point, Backhand, Human, Gesture
? Up Button Red, Button, Arrow
? Envelope With Arrow Mail, Down, Letter, Above, Email
▶️ Play Button Start off, Beginning, Commence, Starting, Start
◀️ Reverse Button Sound, Arrow, Triangle, Left, Reverse
? Clutch Bag Pouches, Clothing, Bag, Sack, Sac
? Bow and Arrow Arrow, Bow, Archery, Activity
? Pouting Face Loathing, Fiercely, Fiercest, Enraging, Hateful
?️ Computer Mouse Office, Computer, Button, Three, Mouse
? Mobile Phone With Arrow Mobile, Cell, Receive, Finish, Call
? Red Apple Food, Plant, Fruit, Red, Apple
? Thumbs Down Body, Hand, Down, Thumb, Unfortunately
? Red Paper Lantern Lantern, Place, Restaurant, Japan, Red
? Down Button Button, Arrow, Red, Down
? Heart With Arrow Arrow, Heart, Cupid, Emotion, Arrow
? Mahjong Red Dragon Red, Mahjong, Game
? Black Square Button Button, Sign, Geometric, Square, Button
⬆️ Up Arrow Upper, Arrow, Up, Upside, Upper
⬇️ Down Arrow Arrow, Down
? White Square Button Outlined, Sign, Geometric, Square, Button
↗️ Up-right Arrow Arrow, Northeast
⤵️ Right Arrow Curving Down Arrow, Down
? Radio Button Button, Radio, Sign, Geometric, Button
➡️ Right Arrow Keeps on, Carry on, Further, Forward, Farther
↘️ Down-right Arrow Southeast, Arrow
? Red Circle Red, Circle, Sign, Geometric, Red
↙️ Down-left Arrow Southwest, Arrow
⬅️ Left Arrow Left, Arrow
↖️ Up-left Arrow Northwest, Arrow
Up-down Arrow Down, Arrow, Up
Left-right Arrow Wide, Arrow, Broadly, Widely, Broad
↩️ Right Arrow Curving Left Caming back, Turned back, Going back, Comes back, Turns back
↪️ Left Arrow Curving Right Right, Arrow
⤴️ Right Arrow Curving Up Above, Arrow, Up
? Clockwise Vertical Arrows Clockwise, Reload, Arrow
? Anticlockwise Arrows Button Reversing, Reverse, Arrow, Clockwise, Anticlockwise
? BACK Arrow Arrow, Above, Back
? END Arrow End, Arrow, Above
? ON! Arrow Above, On, Arrow
? SOON Arrow Above, Soon, Arrow
? TOP Arrow Arrow, Up, Above, Top, Highest
? Shuffle Tracks Button Shuffling, Switching, Changing, Switches, Shuffle
? Repeat Button Synchronize, Repeatedly, Repetition, Once again, Over again
? Repeat Single Button Once, Arrow, Clockwise

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