Earnestness Emoji

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Dedication, Deliberation, Attention, Awareness, Care, Ardor, Intensity, Concentration, Heat, Observation, Decision, Absorption, Assiduity, Purpose, Ear, Earnest, Abandon, Faith, Gravity, Remark, Heed, Will, Intentness, Devotion, Note, Consciousness, Notice, Passion, Consideration, Persistence, Resolve, Regard, Fidelity, Perseverance, Resolution, Solemnity, Respect, Fire, Long face, Somberness, Spirit, Tenacity, Thought, Thoughtfulness, Vehemence, Loyalty, Sincerity, Commitment, Zeal, Formality, Diligence, Determination, Relentlessness, Fervor, Obstinacy, Observance, Sobriety.

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