☣️ Epizootic Emoji

Biohazard emoji Meanings and synonyms for ☣️ Epizootic Emoji:

Bacteria, Perilous, Plague, Hazard, Parlous, Disaster, Menace, Unsafe, Epizootic, Pestilent, Virus, Cataclysm, Pestiferous, Catastrophic, Exterminating, Pandemic, Sign, Epidemy, Disastrous, Epidemical, Biohazard, Toxin, Disease, Catastrophe, Infection, Epidemic, Hazardous.

☣️ Epizootic Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Epizootic Emoji was added to the Unicode in 1995.

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There are forty-four emoji in the Unicode related to the ☣️ Epizootic Emoji:

EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
? Improvisational Drama, Landmine, Munition, Muzzy, Ordnance
☢️ Indivisible, Infinitesimal, Intangible, Integral, Irradiation
☠️ Skull, Bone, Inanimate, Stillborn, Fatality
? Atm, Automated, Teller, Place, Teller
? Geometric, Diamond, Orange, Sign, Geometric
✖️ Disfavor, Disjoin, Disjoint, Disjointed, Disjunct
☯️ Tranquil, Serenity, Harmony, Yinyang, Calmest
✴️ Symbol, Sign, Star, Symbol, Sign
❇️ Sparkler, Sparkle, Flare, Pristine, Pure
? Sign, Geometric, Blue, Circle, Sign
⌨️ Keypad, Typewriter, Sign, Computer, Keyboard
Square, Granite, Marblelike, Granite, Marblelike
? Dim, Dim, Sign, Low, Dim
? Fated, Sign, Geometric, Button, Radio
? Button Up, Cuneiform, Pyramid, Triangle, Triangular
? Red, Down, Sign, Geometric, Red
Square, Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign
〽️ Alternation, Mark, Chart, Sign, Part
Misprint, Misread, Misreading, Sign, Multiply
◼️ Sign, Geometric, Square, Quadrate, Sign
Geometric, Circle, Sign, Geometric, Circle
? Pimple, Pimply, Red, Scab, Scabby
Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric, Square
? Blue, Sign, Geometric, Diamond, Blue
? Sign, Geometric, Diamond, Orange, Sign
Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric
Dollhouse, Ellipsoid, Flam, Fornicate, Gewgaw
☣️ Pestilent, Pestilential, Plague, Plagued, Predominating
? Button, Outlined, Sleek, Sleek, Sign
✳️ Symbol, Asterisk, Sign, Asterisk, Star
✔️ Agreeing, Akin, Allocate, Allot, Allow
? Square, Button, Sign, Geometric, Square
Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric
☮️ Sign, Peace, Tranquility, Serenity, Peaceful
? Sign, Geometric, Diamond, Blue, Sign
? Comic, Diamond, Inside, Petite, Inside
Dense, Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric
Delete, Remove, Absconded, Asunder, Bevue
? Firelight, Flagitious, Flair, Flambeau, Flamboyant
☑️ Clearing, Clearly, Col, Collate, Collation
Elliptic, Elliptical, Pulpy, Smooth, Smooth The Way
Quiet Spell, Rune, Sanding, Shimmer, Shimmered
Include, Accepting, Acceptance, Accepting, Faithfully
Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric

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