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Cross Mark emoji Meanings, synonyms, and related words for ❌ Errancy Emoji:

Misconstruction, Misfeasance, Fallacy, Falseness, Falsity, Distortion, Flaw, Misapplication, Delusion, Error, Self-contradiction, Sin, Aberration, Unorthodoxy, Misjudgment, Heresy, Illusion, Wrong, Fault, Perversion, Misinterpretation, Untruth.

❌ Errancy Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Errancy Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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There are fifty-two emoji in the Unicode related to the ❌ Errancy Emoji:

EmojiRelated words
? Gratify, Solo, Well-Mannered, Human, Face
☠️ Mortuary, Mummification, Mutability, Nonpermanent, Ossified
Bevue, Blooper, Bobble, Boner, Careen
⛑️ Enveloped, Floored, Hardness, Harness, Hooded
⚔️ Conflict, Conflicted, Conflicting, Confront, Confrontation
Thorough, Sign, Check, Faithfully, Including
? Prohibited, Not, No, Forbidden, Human
?️ Straw Vote, Suffrage, Vote, Voted, Voting
? Letter, Word, Button, Letter, Word
✳️ Symbol, Asterisk, Sign, Asterisk, Star
? Word, Prohibited, Not, No, Forbidden
? Button, Letter, Word, Button, Letter
Turn Around, Twirl, Undulate, Vernal Equinox, Vicinity
Outlined, Question, Issue, Survey, Issue
? Dirt Free, Disburden, Discursive, Disencumber, Docile
? Sign, Geometric, Red, Triangular, Triangle
Marblelike, Granite, Marblelike, Sign, Geometric
❇️ Pure, Net, Flare, Flare Up, Net
Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric, Square
✖️ Sector, Set Against, Shut Off, Sic On, Stave Off
? Diamond, Blue, Sign, Geometric, Diamond
Geometric, Square, Clay, Clod, Dense
☯️ Judiciously, Leniency, Lessening, Level-Headed, Longanimity
? Dim, Sign, Low, Dim, Dim
◼️ Quadrate, Sign, Geometric, Square, Quadrate
✔️ Charter, Chide, Chronic, Clearance, Coact
Necromancy, Necromantic, Rune, Arcane, Augury
✴️ Symbol, Sign, Star, Symbol, Sign
? Sign, Geometric, Square, Button, Outlined
☢️ Imponderable, Inappreciable, Indiscernible, Indivisible, Infinitesimal
⌨️ Keyboard, Typewriter, Keypad, Keyboard, Keypad
Levee, Marble, Methedrine, Pellet, Promenade
? Button, Sign, Geometric, Square, Button
☮️ Free Love, Frith, Irenic, Nonviolent, Pacifistic
? Wheal, Sign, Geometric, Red, Circle
☣️ Spastic, Spill Over, Spirochete, Spore, Staphylococcus
? Button, Element, Fated, Sign, Geometric
Square, Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign
? Orange, Sign, Geometric, Diamond, Orange
Insolvent, Insufficiency, Jesuitical, Juggle, Labor In Vain
Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric
Circle, Sign, Geometric, Circle, Sign
? Inside, Petite, Sign, Emotion, Geometric
☑️ Congruity, Consistency, Contemporaneous, Contemporary, Contribution
Token, Elliptic, Elliptical, Pulpy, Smooth
? Sign, Geometric, Red, Down, Sign
? Geometric, Blue, Circle, Sign, Geometric
〽️ Sign, Part, Alternation, Mark, Chart
Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric
? Blue, Sign, Geometric, Diamond, Blue
? Sign, Geometric, Diamond, Orange, Sign
Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric, Square

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