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Schismatic, Secessionist, Deserter, Fellow traveler, Mugwump, Convert, Quisling, Renegade, Collaborator, Defector, Traitor, Turnabout, Apostate, Turncoat, Strikebreaker, Recidivist, Recreant, Underground, Proselyte, Subversive, Separatist, Turntail.

? Fifth columnist Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Fifth columnist Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiRelated words
? Wherewithal, Finance, Binder, Cashed, Cashes
? Pawn, Bankroll, Debt, Donate, Expend
? Yen, Bill, Yen, Office, Note
? Bank, Bill, Banknote, Pound, Pound
? Euro, Euro, Office, Note, Money
? Credit, Creditcard, Debitcard, Plasticcard, Card Carrying
? Materiality, Meed, Moiety, Money Bag, Moneyed
? Antenna, Scanning, Radar, Scan, Barbel
✏️ Pencil, Graphite, Graphite, Pencil, Office
?‍? Face, Office, Job, Man, Organization
?️ Scribbler, Scrivener, Transcriber, Automatic Writing, Ballpen
? Formalistic, Formulary, Front Matter, Gadget, Gizmo
?️ Three, Mouse, Office, Computer, Button
? Cost, Bargain, Bottom Dollar, Break Even, Cost
? Notebook, Journal, Diary, Log, Compendium
? Computer, Personal, Pc, Laptop, Electronics
?️ Typography, Woodblock, Xerography, Office, Computer
? Journal, Ledger, Ledger, Office, Notebook
? Closed, Postbox, Mailbox, Flag, Office
? Communication, Mail, Box, Letter, Receive
? Ghost Story, Ground Floor, Hymnal, Lore, Love Story
? Open, Mail, Postbox, Mailbox, Lowered
? Item, Name, Office, Name, Badge
? Decrease, Reducing, Diminish, Reduce, Markdown
✂️ Adulterate, Adulterated, Agio, Aquatint, Attenuate
? Post, European, Office, Place, Building
?‍? Cubicle, Bureau, Secretaries, Secretary, Secretaries
? Office, Page, Document, Curl, Historical
✉️ Letter, Mail, Belles-Lettres, Epidermis, Humanism
☎️ Call, Telegraph, Teletype, Telex, Contact
? Guideline, Pocketbook, Subject, Workbook, Yearbook
? Disc, Minidisc, Database, Data, Hypothesis
? Office, Bag, Suitcase, Case, Briefcase
? Fax, Facsimile, Faxing, Clone, Doppelganger
? Stool, Sedentary, Throne, Atelier, Dais
? Thumbtack, Pushpin, Pin, Office, Place
? Statistical, Statistic, Barchart, Stat, Logarithmic
?️ Office, Communication, Crayon, Crayon, Office
? Lettered, Literacy, Literary, Literate, Literature
? Office, File, Folder, Pamphlet, Folder
?️ Card, Index, Assort, Assort, Storage
? Procedure, Questionnaire, Rapport, Strategic, Office
? Open, File, Folder, Office, Open
? Ascending, Ascent, Backlog, Band, Bloat
?️ Dated, Office, Spiral, Calendar, Pad
?️ Jeremiah, Monitored, Pageantry, Parasol, Percolator
? Microfiche, Microfilm, Optical, Phonograph Record, Platter
? Memo, Swipe, Strategy, Memo, Strategy
? Planning, Office, Calendar, Planning, Leave Of Absence
? Air Speed, Airmail, Celerity, Dispatch, Dispatched
? Email, Envelope, Sent, Outgoing, Outgoing
? Adjacent, Allegiance, Arrogation, Attached, Augmentation
? Bookmark, Marker, Catalog, Catalog, Marker
? Office, Communication, Open, Mail, Postbox
? Economical, Economy, Niche, Chart, Economic
? E-Mail, Office, Communication, Mail, Letter
? Diptych, Polyglot, Proviso, Rota, Scheduled
✒️ Pen, Nib, Nib, Office, Pen
? Literature, Orange, Office, Book, Literature
? Letter, Tray, Sent, Outbox, Eject
? Commandment, Litany, Quest, Incorrupt, Apostolic
?️ Junction, Paper Clip, Rig, Rigging, Sequel
? Index, Rolodex, Indexed, Lineup, Type
? Glossal, Album, Album, Glossal, Office
? Elbow, Inflection, Office, Triangle, Ruler

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