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Object, Tool, Fire, Flame, Burn, Conflagration, Hearthstone, Incinerate, Watch-fire, Cremating, Flamelike, Fireplace, Campfire, Fireside, Igniting, Wildfire, Hellfire, Lukewarm, Warming, Hottest, Flaming, Burning, Cremate, Blazing, Heating, Warmest, Warmth, Hotter, Ablaze, Heater, Hearth, Ignite, Warmer, Burnt, Blaze, Fiery, Flamy, Warm, Heat, Hot, Orgasm, Extremely, Sensuality, Sexuality, Extreme, Hysterical, Wisp, Fissile, Hurriedness, Ember, Erotic, Pornographic, Pornography, Acerbic, Acidulous, Acrimonious, Aestival, Aglow, Airburst, Alight, Baked, Baking, Barbecued, Beck, Bespangled, Birthmark, Blazed.

? Fire Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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? Fire Engine Fire, Fire department, Fire fighter, Fire engine, Firefighter
? Fireworks Splendor, Amazing, Object, Activity, Celebration
? Sparkler Pyrotechnics, Gunpowder, Firework, Firecracker, Object
? Bomb Landmine, Bombing, Object, Emotion, Comic
?️ Candle Object, Chandelier, Candle
? Cigarette Smoking, Cigarette, Cigar, Permitted, Allowed
? Smiling Face With Sunglasses Sunglasses, Cool, Human, Face, Weather
? Collision Boom, Obliterating, Annihilating, Destruction, Destructive
?️ Hot Pepper Food, Plant, Hot, Tabasco, Pepper
? Circus Tent Entertainment, Tent, Clown, Circus, Carnival
? Volcano Lava, Eruption, Erupting, Volcanoe, Erupt
Tent Shelter, Campsite, Encamp, Hovel, Camp
? Statue of Liberty Statue, Liberty, Place
?️ Thermometer Thermometer, Temperature, Thermostat, Weather, Thermometer
? Yellow Heart Yellow, Emotion, Heart
? Menorah Judaism, Candelabrum, Menorah, Chanukiah, Candles
? Name Badge Badge, Office, Name
? COOL Button Word, Cool
? SOS Button Help, Sos, Word
? Hammer Sledge hammer, Sledgehammer, Gavel, Object, Tool
? Keycap 10 Word, Keycap, Ten
?️ Camping Place, Tent, Camping, Shelter, Site
? Prayer Beads Object, Prayer, Hinduism, Buddhism, Beads
? Fire Heating, Warmest, Warmth, Hotter, Ablaze
? Amphora Ancient rome, Amphora, Crock, Vase, Object
? Kitchen Knife Hocho, Chopping, Choppeds, Cutter, Chop
? Microscope Researching, Investigate, Researches, Inspecting, Analysing
?️ Sunglasses Sunglasses, Dark, Object, Eye, Glasses
? Telescope Astronomical, Stargazing, Astronomer, Astronomy, Object
? School Backpack School, Schoolbag, Satchel, Backpack, Rucksack
? Flashlight Light, Electric, Flashlight, Torch, Electric torches
? Top Hat Top, Hat, Tophat, Object, Activity
✂️ Scissors Slicing, Office, Tool, Scissors, Cut
? Graduation Cap Pupil, Study, Learn, Object, Activity
? Lipstick Cosmetics, Makeup, Lipstick, Lip, Lip glosses
⛏️ Pick Travel, Tool, Pick, Pickaxe, Mattock
? Ring Ring, Diamond ring, Jewelry, Object, Romance
⚒️ Hammer and Pick Object, Tool, Pick, Hammer, Object
? Sweat Droplets Spill, Swash, Cough, Vomit, Spews
?️ Hammer and Wrench Wrench, Implementation, Developmental, Functionality, Implementing
? Dashing Away Emotion, Comic, Running, Dash, Whiffing
? Pistol Rifle, Object, Tool, Weapon, Revolver
?️ Spider Spidery, Object, Animal, Insect, Spider
? Wrench Tool, Wrench, Wrenches, Spanner, Object
?️ Spider Web Spinneret, Object, Animal, Spider, Web
? Nut and Bolt Bolt, Object, Tool, Nut, Bolt
? Bouquet Object, Animal, Flower, Romance, Bouquet
⚙️ Gear Cogwheel, Pinion, Cog, Object, Tool
? White Flower Blossom, Object, Flower
?️ Clamp Compress, Clamping, Suppress, Squeeze, Flatten
☄️ Comet Meteorite, Devastate, Fireball, Meteor, Object
⚗️ Alembic Alchemy, Object, Tool, Retort, Alembic
⚖️ Balance Scale Tool, Scales, Measure, Balance, Stabilising
? Droplet Liquid, Soggy, Fluid, Object, Weather
? Syringe Needle, Injection, Vaccination, Vaccine, Drug
? Christmas Tree Santa claus, Christmas tree, Christmastree, Xmas tree, Xmastree
? Crystal Ball Fortune, Predict, Forecast, Crystal, Object
? Tanabata Tree Activity, Japan, Celebration, Tree, Bamboo
? Trident Emblem Tool, Anchor, Trident, Emblem, Object
? Pine Decoration Plant, Japan, Celebration, Bamboo, Pine
? Japanese Symbol for Beginner Japan, Tool, Leaf, Green, Yellow
? Performing Arts Emotion, Acting, Behave, Feign, Mood
? Grinning Face Smirk, Grin, Grinning, Giggle, Chuckle
? Artist Palette Describe, Drawing, Portray, Depict, Colour
? Slot Machine Gambling, Object, Place, Activity, Game
?️ Reminder Ribbon Ribbon, Reminder, Object, Celebration, Ribbon
?️ Admission Tickets Admission, Object, Entertainment, Ticket, Admission
? Ticket Activity, Entertainment, Ticket, Admission, Object
?️ Military Medal Object, Celebration, Medal, Military, Honor
? Direct Hit Accurate, Accuracy, Focusing, Directly, Defining
? Clapper Board Entertainment, Movie, Film, Clapper, Object
Fountain Gushes, Gush, Object, Place, Water
? Moon Viewing Ceremony Activity, Japan, Celebration, Moon, Ceremony
? Person Taking Bath Hottub, Bathe, Sauna, Tub, Object
? Person in Bed Inn, Hostel, Sleep, Slept, Object
?️ Shopping Bags Object, Bag, Hotel, Store, Shopping
? Gem Stone Jewel, Gem, Irreproachable, Brilliantly, Flawlessly
?️ Framed Picture Poster, Image, Pic, Object, Office
?️ Bellhop Bell Bellhop, Object, Hotel, Bell, Bellhop

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