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? First Quarter Moon Emoji

? First Quarter Moon Emoji
First Quarter Moon emoji Meanings, symbols, emoticons, texts, and related words for ? First Quarter Moon Emoji:

Place, Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon, Quarter.

? First Quarter Moon Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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? Waxing Crescent Moon Orbit, Moon, Crescent, Waxing, Place
? Waxing Gibbous Moon Time, Orbit, Moon, Waxing, Gibbous
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Hourglass Sand, Hourglass, Hourglasses, Awaiting, Waiting
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⏱️ Stopwatch Time, Clock, Stopwatch
⏲️ Timer Clock Time, Clock, Timer, Second, Minute
? Twelve O’clock Clock, Twelve, Time
☀️ Sun Weather, Sun, Bright, Sunny, Ray
? Twelve-thirty Thirty, Twelve, Time, Clock, Thirty
?️ Satellite Vehicle, Orbit, Spacecraft, Satellite, Space station
? One O’clock Clock, One, Time
? Sun With Face Galaxy, Bright, Face, Place, Weather
? One-thirty Time, Clock, Thirty, One, Time
☁️ Cloud Atmosphere, Clouding, Cloudy, Weather, Cloud
? Two O’clock Time, Clock, Two
Sun Behind Cloud Sun, Cloud, Weather
? Two-thirty Two, Time, Clock, Thirty, Two
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? Three O’clock Time, Clock, Three, Timing, Time
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?️ Sun Behind Small Cloud Weather, Sun, Cloud
? Three-thirty Thirty, Three, Time, Clock, Thirty
? Water Wave Inundating, Overwhelm, Overpower, Overhelm, Overcome
?️ Sun Behind Large Cloud Cloud, Weather, Sun
? Four O’clock Time, Clock, Four
? Circus Tent Entertainment, Tent, Clown, Circus, Carnival
?️ Sun Behind Rain Cloud Sun, Cloud, Rain, Drizzle, Precipitation
? Four-thirty Four, Time, Clock, Thirty, Four
? Performing Arts Feigning, Emotion, Acting, Behave, Feign
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? Five O’clock Clock, Five, Time
? Slot Machine Slot machine, Gambling, Object, Place, Activity
?️ Cloud With Snow Blizzard, Snowing, Snowy, Weather, Cloud
? Five-thirty Clock, Thirty, Five, Time, Clock
? Ticket Entertainment, Ticket, Admission, Object, Place
?️ Cloud With Lightning Hail, Thunder, Lightning, Lightning bolts, Lightningbolt
? Six O’clock Clock, Six, Time
? 1st Place Medal Gold, Bronze, Place, Activity, Medal
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? Seven O’clock Time, Clock, Seven
? 3rd Place Medal Place, Activity, Medal, Silver, Honor
?️ Wind Face Exhalation, Breathing, Exhaling, Breathe, Halitus
? Seven-thirty Seven, Time, Clock, Thirty, Seven
? Map of Japan Map, Place, Japan
? Rainbow Fancy, Vivid, Weather, Rain, Blue
? Eight O’clock Clock, Eight, Time

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