Foretell Emoji

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Disclose, Divine, Approach, Augur, Await, Anticipate, Hope, Call, Forewarn, Portend, Declare, Announce, Apprehend, Project, Draw near, Draw on, Adumbrate, Expect, Foretoken, Reveal, Guess, Look for, Dope, Near, Come, Plan, Prefigure, Come on, Prognosticate, Speculate, Promise, Forecast, Proclaim, Soothsay, Tell fortunes, Foresee, Look forward to, Loom, Warn, Bode, Foreshadow, Presage, Dope out, Divulge, Prophesy, Forebode, Predict, Plot, Threaten.

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EmojiRelated words
?️ Face, Person, Silhouette, Rating, Verbalize
? Prohibited, Not, No, Forbidden, Monkey
? Tracking, Versification, Office, Communication, Dish
? Loudspeaker, Public, Sound, Communication, Hand
? Panelist, Public Speaker, Rabble Rouser, Ranter, Speaker
? Pencil, Memo, Swipe, Strategy, Memo
Yesterday, Sound, Arrow, Double, Rewind
?️ Rigging, Sequel, Office, Communication, Paperclip
?️ Outback, Paint, Paintbrush, Paintbrushes, Painted
? Incommunicado, Off, Object, Communication, Phone
? Jazz, Ocarina, Panpipe, Sax, Saxophone
▶️ Flying Start, Formative, Fresh Start, Generation, Genesis
? Doppelganger, Facsimile, Fax, Faxed, Faxing
? Break The News, Frontpage, Magazine, News Ticker, Newspaper
? Humbly, Leisure, Meek, Meekly, Metronome
? Outgoing, Office, Arrow, Communication, Mail
? Volume, Loud, High, Bass, Whir
? Communication, Open, Mail, Postbox, Mailbox
? E-Mail, Office, Communication, Mail, Letter
? Earphone, Headphone, Headset, Tweeter, Woofer
? Call, Allurement, Antecedent, Appellation, Attraction
? Saxhorn, Sousaphone, Tuba, Fanfare, Althorn
? Communication, Mail, Closed, Postbox, Mailbox
? Postal, Object, Sound, Communication, Horn
Swamp, Tiny, Trench, Trough, Under
? Flag, Office, Communication, Mail, Closed
?️ Transcriber, Automatic Writing, Ballpen, Ballpoint, Barnyard
? Tray, Receive, Inbox, Receive, Office
〰️ Assuasive, Beleaguered, Betrothed, Bouncing, Bounded
? Ditty, Humming, Intonate, Intonation, Intone
? Call, Calling, Object, Arrow, Communication
? Beep, Bell, Bellow, Blare, Blat
? Accord, Anthem, Hymn, Improvisation, Cacophony
? Avowal, Bespeak, Betoken, Bulletin, Circular
?️ Panel, Object, Sound, Music, Control
? Score, Bard, Bard, Score, Activity
?️ Studio, Studio, Object, Sound, Music
?️ Crayon, Crayon, Office, Communication, Crayon
? Pager, Office, Communication, Pager, Pager
? Letter Boxes, Letterbox, Letterboxes, Mail Box, Mail Boxes
?️ Pen, Ink, Fountain, Drawing, Office
? Forbidden, Bell, Sound, Prohibited, Not
? Phoneme, Echoic, Echoing, Bathymetry, Down-To-Earth
? Mobile, Cell, Object, Communication, Prohibited
? Lowered, Flag, Office, Communication, Open