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Airplane Departure emoji Meanings and Synonyms for ? Former Emoji:
Foregoing, Immemorial, Anticipatory, Bygone, Departed, Antediluvian, Previous, Early, Preceding, Said, Fore, Antecedent, Anterior, Major, Named, Ancient, Old, Precedent, Prehistoric, Prime, Late, Prior, Erstwhile, Quondam, Senior, First, Once, Then, Onetime, Primeval, Primitive, Earlier, Past, Sometime, Latest, Last, Older, Same, Recent.

? Former Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. ? Emoji emoji was added to the Unicode in 2014.

? In order to send the Former emoji, you can just copy-paste the emoji symbol on the left.

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There are sixty-five emoji in the Unicode related to the ? Former Emoji:

EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
?‍✈️ Woman, Aircraft, Fly, Aviation, Stewardess
?‍✈️ Aviation, Aeronaut, Airman, Captain, Pilot
? Custom, Custom, Prearrangement, Travel, Prearrangement
⚠️ Open To Question, Pitfall, Precarious, Precept, Problem
Bulging, Charmed Circle, Circle, Coil, Come Again
? Railway, Train, Speed, Shinkansen, Bullettrain
? Travel, Person, Sport, Cyclist, Pedal
? Jalopy, Motorcar, Reefer, Roomette, Stockcar
?️ Track, Rail, Railwaytrack, Railline, Railroad
? Driver, Drive, Drive Away, Drive Back, Drive In
? Vehicle, Railway, Train, Station, Travel
? Ferry, Ferry Ship, Ferryship, Fleet, Galleon
⛑️ Callus, Cortex, Covert, Donor, Enveloped
⛱️ Shore, Coast, Travel, Weather, Sun
? Activity, Tobacco, Smoking, Cigarette, Cigar
? Go Ahead, Go All Out, Ionosphere, Jetstream, Launch
? Loft, Mesa, Notional, Seat, Seated
⛷️ Ski, Human, Travel, Person, Sport
? Vehicle, Boat, Rowboat, Person, Rowboat
Trammel, Weigh Down, Travel, Anchor, Ballast
?️ Motorbike, Motorcycle, Human, Travel, Person
?️ Sputnik, Remote, Radio Station, Remote, Satellite
? Train, Locomotive, Travel, Vehicle, Railway
? Cigar, Travel, Prohibited, Not, No
? Travel, Vehicle, Oncoming, Taxi, Cab
? Vehicle, Railway, Monorail, Monorail, Travel
? Auto, Rv, Recreational, Recreational, Travel
? Human, Travel, Person, Sport, Cyclist
? Control, Passport, Passport, Travel, Control
? Restroom, Human, Travel, Woman, Female
? Diver, Swimming, Swam, Swum, Diver
? Metro, Streetcar Line, Subway, Switchback, Tube
? Abatis, Absent-Minded, Afterthought, Ambiguity, Ankle
?️ Submarine, Titanic, Tour, Travel, Vehicle
? Military, Patrol, Travel, Vehicle, Car
? Watercloset, Latrine, Loo, Bedpan, Bedpan
? Hospital, Ambulance, Ambulance, Travel, Vehicle
? Rostrum, Seaport, Soapbox, Thrive, Tribune
? Men, Restroom, Human, Travel, Male
? Walking, Footpath, Crossing, Crossing, Human
? Travel, Vehicle, Oncoming, Oncoming, Travel
Hardworking, Hydroelectric, Influenced, Actuation, Analeptic
? Light, Travel, Vehicle, Railway, Train
? Human, Travel, Prohibited, Not, No
? Travel, Child, Baby, Toddler, Infant
? Judaism, Synagogue, Temple, Travel, Place
? No, Forbidden, Pedal, Bike, Bicycle
? Suitcase, Claim, Travel, Bag, Baggage
? Cab, Fbi, Goo, Gunk, Sec
? Electric Bus, Trolley, Trolleybus, Trolleybusses, Travel
? Travel, Vehicle, Boat, Speedboat, Powerboat
? Kick, Moped, Scooter, Travel, Scooter
? Human, Travel, Wc, Restroom, Lavatory
♨️ Fractionate, Fumigate, Gasify, Gaslike, Hotsprings
Disability, Crippled, Handicapped, Crippled, Disability
? Straying, Swerving, Take Off, Takeoff, Turn Tail
Hulk, Hull, Keel, Packet, Raft
? Fire Extinguisher, Fire Fighter, Fire Hydrant, Fire Truck, Firedepartment
? Tram, Streetcar, Tramcar, Streetcar, Tram
?️ Monoplane, Fuselage, Fuselage, Monoplane, Travel
? Inbreed, Itinerant, Journeying, Mechanistic, Motivational
? Balefire, Battle Cry, Beacon, Birdcall, Blinker
? Mecca, Hajj, Hajj, Mecca, Mosque
? Iron, Joyride, Pedal, Propel, Travel
⛩️ Shinto, Kami, Hachiman, Frontier, Front

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