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Object, Office, Picture, Frame, Illustration, Masterpiece, Picturing, Portrait, Artwork, Poster, Image, Pic, Pastoral, Tattoo.

?️ Framed Picture Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2014.

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? Artist Palette Color, Illustrating, Illustrative, Portraying, Illustrate
?️ Paintbrush Brush, Paintbrushes, Brushes, Office, Communication
? Camera Object, Video, Smartphone, Camera, Digital camera
? Video Camera Camera, Object, Video
?‍? Man Artist Man, Painter, Illustrator, Art, Human
?‍? Woman Artist Art, Human, Face, Job, Woman
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?️ Classical Building Institute, Academy, College, Museum, Place
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?️ Framed Picture Poster, Image, Pic, Object, Office
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? Seat Sit, Seat, Armchair, Seating, Bench
? Graduation Cap Educate, Learner, Learnt, Pupil, Study
? Yen Banknote Money, Bank, Bill, Banknote, Yen
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?️ Spider Web Web, Spinneret, Object, Animal, Spider
? Pager Pager, Office, Communication
? Bouquet Flower, Romance, Bouquet, Nature, Object
? Fax Machine Faxes, Office, Communication, Fax, Facsimile
? White Flower Object, Flower, Blossom
? Laptop Computer Office, Computer, Personal, Pc, Laptop
☄️ Comet Meteorite, Devastate, Fireball, Meteor, Object
?️ Desktop Computer Screen, Office, Computer, Desktop, Personal computer
? Fire Hottest, Flaming, Burning, Cremate, Hotness
?️ Printer Computer, Publish, Printer, Copy, Printing
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? Pine Decoration Object, Activity, Plant, Japan, Celebration
? Floppy Disk Computer, Disc, Floppy, Disk, Office
? Performing Arts Emotionalise, Emotional, Behaviour, Behavior, Demeanor
? Optical Disk Keywords (click to find more): cd, Compact disc, Compactdisc, Disk, Office
? Dvd Dvd, Office, Computer, Disc, Dvd
? Slot Machine Slot, Gamble, Bet, Slot machine, Gambling
? Satellite Antenna Radar, Scan, Office, Communication, Dish
?️ Reminder Ribbon Object, Celebration, Ribbon, Reminder, Object
? Notebook With Decorative Cover Cover, Office, Book, Notebook, Decorated

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