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Lemon, Meretricious, Colored, Cream, Creamy, Buff, Fallow, Yellow, Golden, Beige, Canary, Plausible, Primrose, Apparent, Sallow, Tinsel, Or, Gilt, Gold, Seeming, Specious, Ecru, Straw, Ostensible, Ocherous, Sandy.

? Gilded Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Gilded Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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There are sixty-five emoji in the Unicode related to the ? Gilded Emoji:

EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
?‍? Job, Woman, Painter, Illustrator, Art
?️ Anoint, Broom, Brush, Brush Off, Brushed
?‍? Human, Face, Job, Man, Painter
?️ Effigy, Engram, Exemplar, Finger Painting, Homing Pigeon
? Dessert, Sweet, Candy, Lolly, Lollipop
? Transmigrate, Treadmill, Human, Person, Sport
? Vhs, Video Tape, Videocassette, Videotape, Object
?️ Hotel, Sofa, Lamp, Furniture, Divan
? Unpen, Unshackle, Untether, Open Lock, Openlock
?️ Object, Sound, Music, Control, Knob
? Tool, Anchor, Trident, Emblem, Harpoon
? Fishing, Hunting, Nosy, Piscatory, Poking
?️ Clock, Mantelpiece, Object, Clock, Mantelpiece
⚱️ Funeral, Urn, Object, Urn, Funeral
? Phone, Smartphone, Mobile, Cell, Off
? Inspect, Analytic, Scientific, Accounting, Analysed
? Sparkler, Sparkle, Rocket, Gunpowder, Firework
? Hockey, Ice Hockey, Activity, Hockey, Ice Hockey
? Tobacco, Smoking, Cigarette, Cigar, Permitted
? Romance, Ring, Jewelry, Espouse, Ringlet
?️ Level At, On The Level, Slider, Object, Sound
? Graduated, Graduating, Graduation, Graduation Cap, Groomed
? Celebration, Party, Paper, Confetti, Confetti
?️ Military, Honor, Object, Celebration, Medal
? Gem, Irreproachable, Brilliantly, Flawlessly, Brilliant
? Rinsed, Showered, Spindrift, Toothpaste, Ablution
⛓️ Gird, Hum, Inextricable, Lattice, Livery
? Jollity, Joviality, Lordly, Marvelous, Mirth
? Chip, Communicable, Communicant, Device, Electrical Parts And Devices
? Methadone, Opium, Abridgment, Bran, Drugstore
? Keyboard, Grandpiano, Adagio, Allegro, Clavichord
? Tuba, Fanfare, Althorn, Fanfare, French Horn
? Latrine, Loo, Bedpan, Bedpan, Chamber Pot
?️ Object, Drum, Oil, Crude, Petrol
? Ferris Wheel, Observation Wheel, Place, Activity, Entertainment
? Sputtering, Squelchy, Squishy, Stifling, Strigose
? Backstairs, Relay, Backstairs, Broadcast, In Progress
☄️ Omen, Phosphor, Polaris, Polestar, Shooting Star
? Goings On, Gossamer, Guise, Gum Up, Gust
?️ Scrapper, Sharpener, Silver Plate, Silverware, Spike
? Slot, Slot Machine, Sporting, Toss Up, Tote
?? Flag, Country, Australia, Australia, Flag
? Housewarming, Party, Popper, Soiree, Tada
⚛️ Biophysics, Domestic Science, Electron, Gravitate, Gravitation
? Honor, Award, Medalist, Gold, Bronze
? Tool, Light, Electric, Flashlight, Torch
? Jughead, Litre, Plastered, Potted, Reliquary
?️ Console, Console, Joystick, Object, Game
? Object, Place, Activity, Entertainment, Ticket
?️ Astringent, Band Aid, Bear Hug, Boil Down, Clamp
? Star, Telling, Fortune, Object, Star
Object, Place, Water, Fountain, Gushing
⚖️ Fag End, Fair Trade, Falter, Fiducial, Fixative
? Place, Activity, Romance, Wedding, Chapel
? Activity, Sound, Music, Instrument, Guitar
? Tollgate, Trap Door, Turnstile, Vomitory, Way Out
? Ink, Object, Pen, Lock, Ink
? Wisp, Fissile, Hurriedness, Ember, Erotic
? Paper, Newspaper, Frontpage, Magazine, Scandal
? Entertain, Chute, Merry-Go-Round, Olympics, Rotator
? Object, Search, Magnifying, Glass, Object
? Green, Yellow, Chevron, Beginner, Beginner
? Bamboo, Banner, Object, Activity, Japan
? Fragrance, Nosegay, Perfume, Redolence, Rouleau
? Activity, Japan, Celebration, Moon, Ceremony

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