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Bright, Brilliant, Nickel, Beige, Benign, Blessed, Appealing, Ecru, Blond, Divine, Fallow, Brazen, Agreeable, Auspicious, Lucky, Flourishing, Cantabile, Catchy, Advantageous, Copper, Delightful, Gilded, Dulcet, Joyous, Euphonious, Buff, Exquisite, Brass, Exuberant, Ocherous, Liquid, Favored, Brassy, Fertile, Gleaming, Fortunate, Creamy, Favorite, Gilt, Good, Glittering, Dazzling, Palmy, Excellent, Halcyon, Happy, Honeyed, Immense, Inestimable, Iron, Glowing, Blissful, Lead, Dear, Lemon, Favoring, Magnificent.

? Golden Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Golden Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiRelated words
? Stronghold, Place, Building, European, Castle
? Queen, Rani, Human, Person, Monarch
? Flawlessly, Gaily, Gem, Godsend, Good Fellow
? Ring, Ringlet, Object, Romance, Ring
? District Attorney, Doyen, Drover, Duce, Duke
? Note, Money, Bank, Bill, Banknote
?? United Kingdom, Flag, Country, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
? Waddle, Human, Body, Clothing, Print
? Toe, Turn Off, Unfrock, Usher, Yeoman
? Eyeglasses, Glasses, Lorgnette, Monocle, Specs
? Man, Shoe, Boot, Footwear, Footwear
? Linen, Waist, Wear, Wear Down, Wear On
? Rimple, Crinkle, Purse, Rimple, Stash
? Necktie, Suit Up, Suspender, Tie, Clothing
? Headgear, Millinery, Hat, Headgear, Millinery
? Shoe, Sneaker, Athletic, Nike, Athletic
? Wallet, Handbag, Clothing, Bag, Purse
? Appearance, Dress, Frock, Gown, Sewing
? Denim, Girdle, Jeans, Trousers, Clothing
? Clothing, Shoe, Heel, Highheel, Afterpart
? Woman, Sandal, Sandal, Clothing, Woman
? Highest, Housetop, Look Down Upon, On Top, Rooftop
? Noble, Gold, Confederacy, Confederation, Despotism
? Businesslike, Courtly, Titular, Baptismal, Businesslike
? Wet Suit, Clothing, Swimsuit, Bikini, Beachwear
? Manner, Mannered, Monopolist, Tophat, Urbane
? Clothing, Bag, Sack, Sac, Pouch
? Robe, Kimono, Dungarees, Dishabille, Bluejacket

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