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> Greater Than Emoji

> Greater Than Emoji
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More, Plural, Exceed, Kind Of.

> Greater Than Emoji was added to the Unicode in 1999.

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Fast-forward Button Follower, Coordinated, Following, Coordinated, Follow
⤴️ Right Arrow Curving Up As Well, Ascendant, At The Same Time, Beside, Beyond
Sagittarius Sagittarius, Sagittarius, Time, Zodiac, Sagittarius
? SOON Arrow Above, Soon, Soon, Arrow, Above
? TOP Arrow Eaves, Housetop, Rooftop, Topped, Topside
⬆️ Up Arrow Upside, Arrow, Up, Upside, Upper
↕️ Up-down Arrow Trajectory, Uplift, Upright, Upside Down, Vice Versa
↗️ Up-right Arrow Cannonball, Courser, Go Straight, Guidepost, Mercury

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