⚗️ Infusion Emoji

Alembic emoji Meanings and Synonyms for ⚗️ Infusion Emoji:
Dash, Decoction, Vestige, Spice, Aspersion, Baptism, Brewing, Animation, Font, Christening, Fire, Impression, Conditioning, Affusion, Animus, Seasoning, Inoculation, Drenching, Elixir, Afflatus, Entrance, Extraction, Inspiration, Firing, Refinement, Genius, Distillation, Hint, Concentrate, Immersion, Spirit, Sauce, Infection, Concentration, Inkling, Interpolation, Insertion, Exhilaration, Injection, Interjection, Marination, Intimation, Expression, Suspicion, Graft, Mixture, Moving spirit, Percolation, Perfusion, Pressing, Grafting, Intromission, Rendering, Extract, Saturation, Infiltration.

⚗️ Infusion Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. ⚗️ Emoji emoji was added to the Unicode in 2005.

⚗️ In order to send the Infusion emoji, you can just copy-paste the emoji symbol on the left.

Symbols related to ⚗️ Infusion Emoji

There are sixty-five emoji in the Unicode related to the ⚗️ Infusion Emoji:

EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
? Runny, Salivary, Secretory, Serous, Slime
? Maple, Nature, Plant, Leaf, Fallen
? Eye, Goggle, Bifocals, Eyeglasses, Glasses
? Recondite, Face, Emotion, Nerd, Minded
? Predicted, Prophesied, Prospective, Future, Predictive
? Analyzed, Anatomize, Anatomy, Appraisal, Assay
? Runner Up, Running, Safari, Scoot, Scram
⚖️ Estimation, Comparison, Evaluative, Evaluation, Evaluating
☃️ Snowfall, Statue, Weather, Cold, Snow
⚙️ Gear, Sprocket, Cogwheel, Pinion, Cog
? Joviality, Lordly, Marvelous, Mirth, Pastime
?️ Dazzling, Emulsion, Eupeptic, Euphoric, Expanse
? Warmer, Burnt, Blaze, Fiery, Flamy
? Broach, Brow, Bumble, Comedown, Dangle
? Flower, Card, Playing, Object, Activity
?️ Object, Entertainment, Ticket, Admission, Admission
? Moon, Ceremony, Ceremony, Object, Activity
? Object, Search, Magnifying, Glass, Object
?️ Condominium, Franchise, Joint Control, Joint Ownership, Nay
?️ Practicability, Prefiguration, Progressing, Rearing, Reproduction
⛓️ Mace, Nose Ring, Pendulum, Procession, Slavish
⚰️ Burying, Funeral, Casket, Bury, Gravestone
? Feathered, Figure Of Speech, Filigree, Fillet, Fine Arts
?️ Sound, Music, Slider, Level, Level
? Ogle, Ostensible, Outcrop, Outward, Overdrawn
? Photo, Microscopy, Photogenic, Photographies, Spectrometry
? Scissor, Scored, Silage, Slashing, Steel
? Bamboo, Banner, Bamboo, Banner, Object
? Tv, Typify, Object, Video, Broadcasting
? Object, Activity, Celebration, Tree, Christmastree
?️ Rolled, Object, Paper, Newspaper, Rolled
?️ Absorber, Security, Securing, Guarding, Tutelage
? Cairn, Landmark, Tagged, Truckle, Watchtower
? Object, Hotel, Resort, Sleeping, Motel
? Illustrate, Describing, Sketching, Depicting, Painting
?️ Hibernation, Imbed, Impact, Implant, Imprint
? Hangout, Haunt, Heal, Health Resort, Hip Bath
? Object, Flower, Blossom, Object, Flower
? Object, Star, Telling, Fortune, Object
? Object, Prayer, Hinduism, Buddhism, Buddhism
? Greek, Guileless, Handcuff, Hang Around With, Hanger On
?️ Barroom, Crouch, Grovel, Nightwalk, Pussyfoot
? Travel, Bathtub, Bathing, Bath, Object
?️ Oil, Crude, Petrol, Petroleum, Capacity
? Object, Reliquary, Litre, Jug, Jar
? Blemish, Booster, Booty, Borrow, Bosom
? Disconnection, Incommunicado, Off, Object, Communication
? Communication, Phone, Smartphone, Mobile, Cell
? Pound Away, Sledge Hammer, Sledgehammer, Stutter, Object
? Stairway, Object, Communication, Phone, Bar
?️ Object, Office, Picture, Frame, Illustration
? Axis, Azimuth, Bald, Banal, Barrio
?️ Centipede, Daddy Longlegs, Maggot, Nymph, Spider
⚗️ Infusion, Isomer, Nitrate, Nitrogen, Polymer
?️ Object, Celebration, Medal, Military, Honor
?️ Object, Hotel, Bell, Bellhop, Bellhop
?️ Music, Microphone, Mic, Studio, Studio
? Object, Travel, Activity, Tobacco, Smoking
? Carp, Carp, Streamer, Object, Activity
?️ Sword, Swordsman, Tableware, Temperamental, Threaten
? Shooting, Shot, Artilleryman, Assassin, Blowgun
☄️ Asteroid, Baring, Comet, Daystar, Devastate
? War Horse, Object, Electric, Electricity, Plug
?️ Spinneret, Cobweb, Cobweb, Spinneret, Web
? Travel, Wc, Toilet, Watercloset, Latrine

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