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Aperture, Arcade, Intertwine, Give-and-take, Agree, Agree with, Aisle, Accord, Commune with, Alternate, Comeback, Conduction, Answer, Access, Osmosis, Agency, Export, Conversation, Barter, Boomerang, ESP, Brokerage, Colonnade, Cooperation, Commerce, Empathize, Communicate, Avenue, Commute, Alternation, Compensate, Mesh, Handy, Exit, Congress, Ambulatory, Convection, Correspondence, Converse, Channel, Contact, Correspond, Deal, Corridor, Cloister, Information, Communication, Deal with, Dealing, Defile, Dissemination, Do business, Communion, Counter, Alley, Engage, Coact.

? Interchange Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Interchange Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiRelated words
? Office, Note, Money, Bank, Bill
? Bank, Bill, Banknote, Yen, Bill
? Pay, Debt, Bankroll, Free-For-All, Expend
? Crosscurrent, Defluxion, Disburse, Dividend, Donation
? Euro, Office, Note, Money, Bank
? Bank, Bill, Banknote, Dollar, Currency
? Plasticcard, Card Carrying, Credit, Credit Card, Creditcard
? E-mail, Email, E-Mail, Office, Communication
✉️ Letter, Mail, Belles-Lettres, Epidermis, Humanism
? Journal, Ledger, Ledger, Office, Notebook
?️ Cryptography, Farmstead, Grange, Hacienda, Letterer
? Badge, Item, Badge, Item, Name
? Imputation, Lashing, Loyalty, Nationalization, Nationalize
? Orange, Office, Book, Literature, Orange
? Disk, Dvd, Filing Card, Magnetic Tape, Microdot
?️ Office, Communication, Pen, Ink, Fountain
?️ Office, Computer, Trackball, Trackball, Office
?️ Office, Note, Spiral, Pad, Notepad
? Pager, Office, Communication, Pager, Pager
? Briefcase, Case, Office, Bag, Suitcase
? Set, Angular, Corner, Deflection, Dogleg
?️ Bin, Bookcase, Bunker, Canon, Cellar
? Pushpin, Pin, Pinning, Arbor, Pinned
? Structure, Table Of Contents, Office, Bar, Graph
?️ Karroo, Osculate, Outback, Paintbrushes, Painted
? Chapter, Curl, Historical, Historically, Historicity
? Save, Office, Computer, Disc, Floppy
? Mail, Postbox, Mailbox, Flag, Office
? Bequest, Briefing, Evangelistic, Exhortation, Gospel
? Yearbook, Guideline, Pocketbook, Subject, Workbook
? Office, Bookmark, Marker, Catalog, Catalog
? Pushpin, Pin, Office, Place, Thumbtack
? Yen, Trend, Upward, Rising, Market
? Mailbox, Flag, Office, Communication, Mail
☎️ Telephone, Call, Telegraph, Teletype, Telex
? Office, Computer, Disc, Minidisc, Database
? Rising, Upturn, Risen, Rise, Fluctuation
? Beautified, Befoul, Believer, Bettered, Bid Price
? Size, Size Up, Yardstick, Office, Ruler
? Terminology, Whodunit, Office, Open, Book
? Mailboxes, Post Box, Post Boxes, Postbox, Postboxes
? Japan, Building, Post, Post, Office
? Place, Building, Organization, Cubicle, Bureau
? Time And Motion Study, Time Sheet, Time Study, Timecard, Weekly
? Down, Graph, Chart, Trend, Diminishing
? List, Graded, Grouped, Hierarchic, In The Clear
? Feeler, Loran, Navar, Pinpointing, Scanned
? Sit, Seat, Armchair, Seating, Bench
? Calendar, Planning, Leave Of Absence, Planning, Office
?️ Picturing, Portrait, Artwork, Poster, Image
✏️ Pen, Pencil, Graphite, Graphite, Pencil
? Communication, Mail, Box, Letter, Tray
? Electronics, Figurer, Laptop, Pc, Office
? Office, File, Folder, Pamphlet, Folder
?️ Bookshelf, Cabinet, Cashbox, Cupboard, Drawer
? Building, Post, European, Office, Place
✒️ Nib, Nib, Office, Pen, Nib
? Tray, Receive, Inbox, Receive, Office
? Mail, Postbox, Mailbox, Lowered, Flag
?️ Office, Spiral, Calendar, Pad, Dated
?‍? Face, Office, Job, Woman, Organization
? Strategy, Memo, Strategy, Swipe, Office
? Cover, Cover, Office, Book, Notebook
? Office, Communication, Mail, Closed, Postbox
?️ Fretwork, Frontage, Frontispiece, Gaudiness, Jeremiah

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