Keenness Emoji

Face With Cold Sweat emoji Meanings, synonyms, and related words for ? Keenness Emoji:

Aptitude, Aptness, Sting, Acrimony, Acuity, Acumen, Acidity, Cryogenics, Alacrity, Coldness, Esprit, Appetite, Acerbity, Acridity, Readiness, Grip, Avidity, Bite, Absolute zero, Bitterness, Cold, Harshness, Cool, Point, Dexterity, Astringency, Eagerness, Animation, Edge, Stridency, Quickness, Fierceness, Anxiety, Genius, Inclemency, Gust, Brilliance, Freezing point, Impatience, Liveliness, Jocularity, Chill, Discernment, Mordancy, Nimbleness, Nous, Penetration, Perspicacity, Pleasantry, Discrimination, Agility, Promptness, Cleverness, Pungency, Flair, Roughness, Attention.

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EmojiRelated words
? Marshy, Metamorphic, Midge, Modifiable, Moist
? Sleepy, Asleep, Human, Face, Sleepy
? Whining, Yammering, Yapping, Human, Face
? Sweating, Sweaty, Wilted, Human, Face
? Vomited, Vomiting, Watered, Object, Emotion
? Dismally, Somberly, Glooming, Woefully, Mournful
? Barfy, Ague, Anemia, Anoxia, Asphyxiation
? Face, Relieved, Disappointed, Whew, Relief
? Love, Kissing, Human, Face, Love
? Guinea Pig, Hamster, Shrew, Face, Nature
? Person, Celebration, Father, Santa, Almsgiver
? Applause, Congrat, Applaud, Acclamation, Adulation
? Black Eye, Blebby, Blistered, Blistery, Blood Money
? Hare, Face, Nature, Animal, Bunny
☠️ Deadly, Deadwood, Death, Death Dealing, Deathly
?‍✈️ Fly, Aviation, Stewardess, Stewardess, Human
? Mouse, Face, Nature, Animal, Mouse
? Litterbox, Put, Scrap, Human, Travel
? Face, Eye, Tongue, Silly, Taste
? Vigilantes, Human, Person, Police, Military
? Nature, Animal, Grimace, Cat, Pouting
❄️ Irremovable, Itching, Laryngitis, Liquid Oxygen, Lumbago
? Haircut, Beauty, Hairdresser, Hairstyle, Hairdo
? Time-Worn, Tired, Tiredly, Tiredness, Tiring
? Crackpot, Crank, Cut Off, Cut Out, Daftness
? Giggled, Hospitable, Incitement, Instigation, Joyed
? Salivate, Drooling, Desirable, Desirable, Drooling
?‍♀ Face, Woman, Bend, Human, Face
☝️ Up, Index, Point, Choose, Chosen
?‍? Nasa, Cosmonaut, Cosmonaut, Nasa, Human