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Lurid, Seal, Cocoa, Coffee, Drab, Brunet, Ecru, Hazel, Brown, Chocolate, Taupe, Tawny, Beige, Toast, Sorrel, Fawn, Dun, Tan, Sepia, Umber.

? Khaki Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Khaki Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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There are sixty-five emoji in the Unicode related to the ? Khaki Emoji:

EmojiRelated words
? Pancake, Flatbread, Fritter, Flatbread, Fritter
? Shortcake, Cheesecake, Pie, Blintz, Clabber
? Ribbon, Valentine, Emotion, Heart, Ribbon
? Sylvan Deity, Treacle, Tummy, Food, Restaurant
? Bisque, Brick, Brownie, Ceramics, Cookie
? Butter, Ambrosia, Antepast, Butter, Cream Of The Crop
? Comfit, Confectionery, Conserve, Edulcorate, Gelatin
? Doughnut, Donut, Donut, Doughnut, Yeast
? Knockwurst, Salami, Weenie, Frankfurter, Bangers
? Plant, Fruit, Pineapple, Ananas, Ananas
? Powder, Powder, Teacup, Teapot, Food
? Soup, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Spoon, Ladle
? Tomatoes, Tomato, Tomatoes, Nature, Food
? Milk, Glassware, Lactose, Milky, Lactate
? Junket, Pudding, Trifle, Food, Restaurant
? Nature, Food, Plant, Fruit, Cherry
? Drink, Glassware, Clinking, Clink, Clink
? Fruit, Lime, Lemon, Citrus, Sourdough
? Dessert, Sweet, Ice, Shaved, Shaved
? Kiwi, Food, Fruit, Kiwi, Food
? Lager, Clinking, Beer, Ale, Clinking
? Encampment, Ale, Beer, Bivouac, Ale
? Chef, Cook Up, Cooking, Fry, Frying
? Tropical, Highball, Highball, Food, Restaurant
?️ Condiment, Musky, Perfumed, Scabrous, Scented
? Carrot, Food, Vegetable, Carrot, Food
? Plant, Watermelon, Watermelon, Nature, Food
? Poultry, Food, Restaurant, Chicken, Poultry
? Snack, Food, Corn, Snack, Popcorn
?️ Restaurant, Knife, Fork, Plate, Diner
? Hackle, Olio, Food, Restaurant, Rice
? Hamburger, Fastfood, Canape, Grinder, Hoagy
? Teat, Thorax, Tit, Udder, Milker
? Prawn, Seafood, Shrimp, Fried, Fried
? Orange, Tangerine, Mandarin, Elitist, Rabbinic
? Arbitrate, Bar Chart, Bench Mark, Computer Program, Diagnosis
? Sushi, Sashimi, Sashimi, Sushi, Tuna
? Grain, Cereal, Cooked, Cooked, Rice
? Brown, Cliche, Commonplace, Foxy, Grizzle
? Peanut, Legume, Peanut, Food, Pancake
? Green, Apple, Nature, Food, Plant
? Wine, Vine, Grape, Grapevine, Grape
? Cracker, Cracker, Food, Restaurant, Rice
? Low Down, Low Grade, Low Test, Margarine, Measly
? Eggplant, Aubergine, Kraut, Tater, Eggplant
Stupa, Suck, Sup, Swig, Swill
? Ice, Glassware, Tumbler, Goblet, Bandy
? Food, Restaurant, Japan, Stick, Skewer
? Venus, Vesta, Food, Restaurant, Knife
? Food, Sandwich, Loaf, France, Bread
? Nature, Food, Plant, Fruit, Pear
? Milcher, Mince, Moxie, Overweight, Petulance
? Ass, Plum, Plumed, Prune, Apricot
? Martini, Liqueur, Gin, Cocktail, Aperitif
? Burger, Cheeseburger, Pork, Ham, Bacon
? Tortilla, Wrapped Up, Food, Pizza, Burger
? Sweet, Stick, Skewer, Dumpling, Dango
? Ploy, Popping, Processional, Rejoicing, Rememberable
? Spud, Food, Vegetable, Spud, Spud
? Tlc, Alimentation, Blunt, Bread, Bum Around
? Staircase, Stairway, Object, Communication, Phone
? Savouring, Scampish, Shallow, Sportive, Tempest In A Teapot
? Fruit, Guacamole, Guacamole, Food, Fruit
? Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Melon, Rockmelon, Nature
? Apple, Ebony, Apple, Ebony, Nature

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